10 Most Expensive Toyota Supra

When it comes to rare, highly coveted, and expensive Toyota Supra models, there are a select few that stand out from the pack. These 10 Supras represent the top tier – the most valuable and prized versions of Toyota’s iconic sports car ever produced. Starting from the more affordable end of the scale around $230,000, and working up to an unbelievable $2.1 million, here are the 10 most expensive Toyota Supras in the world:

Top 10 Most Expensive Toyota Supra

10. 1993 Toyota Supra RZ dubbed the “Top Secret Supra.”

The 1993 Supra shares its 3.0-liter inline six with the Lexus SC300 and GS300. The naturally aspirated iteration produces 220 horsepower at 5800 rpm. Modified by world-renowned Japanese tuning company Top Secret, this unique Supra commands a price tag of approximately $230,000 owing to its customized wide body kit and high performance upgrades.

9. ultra-limited 2020 Toyota GR Supra “A90 Edition.”

For maximum thrills, an available 3.0-liter twin-scroll turbo six-cylinder produces 382 horsepower and 368 lb-ft of torque, making the Supra the quickest Toyota-branded production vehicle to date.

2.0-liter-equipped Supras come with an 8-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters, while 30. With a production run of just 90 vehicles and sporting special exterior colors and badging, this commemorative model has already become highly collectible.

8. 1998 Toyota Supra A80 “HKS Drag Car”

The Supra has a history of professional drag racing, mainly in Japan and the United States. The HKS team have used both the Mk III and Mk IV to showcase its products, known as the HKS Drag Supra.

Constructed specifically for tearing up the quarter mile by the famous HKS tuning company in Japan, this 1000+ horsepower monster still competes in drag events today.

7. 1994 Toyota Supra A80 “Bomex Supra”

It’s also about a legendary engine, the 2JZ-GTE straight-six, that could make enormous power even with the internals untouched – just crank up the boost, much like the RB26 in Nissan’s rival Skyline GT‑R.

Its customized purple Bomex widebody kit and unique modifications help it easily achieve this price at auction.

6. 1998 Toyota Supra A80

The Toyota Supra is a sport car and grand tourer manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation beginning in 1978. The name “supra” is derived from the Latin prefix, meaning “above”, “to surpass” or “go beyond”.

It’s also about a legendary engine, the 2JZ-GTE straight-six, that could make enormous power even with the internals untouched – just crank up the boost, much like the RB26 in Nissan’s rival Skyline GT‑R.

5. 1994 Toyota Supra

From The Fast and The Furious movie franchise. Even non-car people recognize this orange beast driven by the late Paul Walker which has skyrocketed in value in recent years.

Owing to its fame and the sentimental significance of appearing in the opening scenes of a wildly popular universal series, this “10 second car” has been auctioned off for as much as $550,000.

4. A90 Toyota Supra

The imaginatively titled 2022 Toyota GR Supra 3000GT. Built at a cost of $350,000 by European tuning firm Manhart, this one-off example channels the spirit of the iconic 1990s Mitsubishi 3000GT with unique body work and twin-turbo power.

Already a collectible despite being nearly new, this special showcase commands big money.

3. 1998 Toyota Supra Turbo A80

The 2000GT Coupe was Toyota’s first real sports car and with only 351 examples built, it holds massive historical significance reflected in seven-figure auction prices.

As for the ’98 Supra, its racing history and utterly extreme 1000+ hp tuned engine make it a modern legend which shattered records as the most expensive Japanese car sold at that time.

2. 2020 GR Supra

With the VIN #20201, sold directly from Toyota for charity at the eyebrow-raising price of $2.1 million! Being the inaugural new Supra marking the nameplate’s return, this example inaugurated the revived sports car generation.

As a bonus, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda signed under the hood making this effectively a one-of-one model sure to appreciate.

1. the legendary 1967 Toyota 2000GT Coupe

As Toyota’s first real foray into sports cars with ties to Yamaha and production based on the Jaguar E-Type, this model holds enormous historical significance much like the iconic 60’s Jaguar itself.

With only 351 2000GTs built and even fewer remaining today, the combination of rarity and importance equates to seven-figure sale prices cementing its status as Toyota’s most valuable vehicle.

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