10 Most Expensive Acura

The 2024 Acura NSX Type S is the most expensive Acura ever offered, with a starting MSRP of $206,000. As the peak of NSX performance, the Type S utilizes weight reduction, suspension tuning, and boosted electric power from its hybrid system to be the quickest and most capable NSX produced. This exclusive flagship demonstrates the pinnacle of Acura's precision crafting and pioneering technology in one phenomenal package.

Acura has long been known for crafting luxurious and high-performing vehicles, bringing together innovative engineering with distinctly modern, eye-catching designs. Many Acura models sit at the top end of the pricing spectrum, offering drivers the latest amenities and features in the pursuit of both form and function. Ranging from the compact-yet-fierce Integra coupe to the exotic, track-inspired NSX, Acura has a diverse lineup to appeal to a wide array of drivers.

We’ll be counting down the 10 most expensive vehicles Acura has offered to the public, giving you an inside look at these modern marvels of style and speed. We’ll explore what makes them command such a premium price tag, highlighting standout attributes and one-of-a-kind touches that contribute to their elite status. You’ll also find key specs and recent pricing information as we work our way down to the most expensive Acura available today. Get ready for a VIP tour of Acura’s most prestigious vehicles ever released.

Top 10 Most Expensive Acura

#10: 2024 Acura Integra

Kicking off the countdown is a true drivers’ car – the all-new Acura Integra. Available in premium or A-Spec trim lines, the 2024 Integra embodies a pure sports coupe experience, equipped with a turbocharged 1.5-liter VTEC 4-cylinder engine good for 200 horsepower paired to a slick-shifting manual transmission.

The Integra boasts exhilarating performance but also a healthy list of upscale features like leather sport seats, multi-zone climate control, and a 10.2” color center display for both information and entertainment needs. Acura Sensing safety technologies also come standard across the entire Integra lineup. With a more accessible price point than many Acuras, the new Integra delivers on affordability and excitement.

#9: 2024 Acura ILX

Though it may be one of Acura’s most affordable sedans, the ILX packs a surprising amount of value and luxury into its compact package. It sports jewelry-like LED headlights surrounding Acura’s distinctive diamond pentagon grille, setting the tone for a modern tech-inspired cabin.

Outfitted with premium materials like leather seating and real aluminum trim, the ILX aims to deliver a refined, upscale atmosphere. The ILX employs a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder generating 201 horsepower, managed by an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission for snappy acceleration. Safety is also addressed with the inclusion of AcuraWatch safety and driver assist technologies. For those seeking affordable luxury, the ILX shines bright.

#8: 2024 Acura RDX

The RDX takes Acura’s entry-level crossover and sends it even further upscale, loaded with amenities and attitude. Its turbocharged 2.0-liter engine unleashes 272 horsepower through a speedy 10-speed automatic, while available intelligent Super Handling AWD improves grip and agility.

The RDX wears bold A-Spec styling cues like gloss black accents, quad exhaust outlets, and 21” Shattered Silver wheels, matching its performance chops. Inside, drivers are treated to sports seats plus a True Touchpad Interface with a dual-screen layout, operated through intuitive touch controls. Factor in driving aids like road departure mitigation and traffic jam assist, and the RDX is a compelling package.

#7: 2024 Acura MDX

Acura gave its popular three-row MDX SUV a complete overhaul for the 2022 model year, ushering in improved driving dynamics and a range of new amenities. Chief among them is an air suspension system with an amplitude reactive damper design, enhancing ride quality and allowing drivers multiple drive modes.

Motivation comes from Acura’s robust 3.5-liter V6 engine, now paired with the brand’s lightning-quick 10-speed automatic transmission. The MDX sports the largest touchscreen in its class at 12.3”, controlled through the innovative True Touchpad Interface dial controller on the center console. With space for up to seven passengers plus all the latest infotainment and safety technology , the new MDX leads the luxury SUV class.

#6: 2024 Acura MDX Type S

But if you’re seeking ultimate performance in your three-row luxury SUV, the MDX Type S turns things up a notch. Drawing from Acura’s Type S performance engineering, the MDX Type S adds more aggressive styling, larger 21-inch wheels, and 14.3” front brake rotors clamped by four-piston Brembo calipers for serious stopping prowess.

Most notably, a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 sits under the sculpted hood, pumping out an incredible 355 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque, rocketing you to 60 mph in under 5 seconds. Upgraded sport seats, metal sport pedals, white-on-red gauges, and carbon fiber trim elevate the sporty aesthetic inside and out. The most driver-focused SUV in Acura’s lineup, the MDX Type S impresses with passion and polish.

#5: 2024 Acura TLX

The TLX brings youthful vigor and sports sedan verve to this more affordable slot in Acura’s roster. For 2022, the TLX underwent a full redesign, gaining wider rear hips for enhanced body control, near-perfect weight distribution, and an overall lighter curb weight for nimble handling.

The strong structural integrity of its chassis pays dividends come corner-carving time. Its turbocharged 2.0-liter engine hits with 272 horsepower while the available Technology Package boosts output to an even more energetic 300 horsepower. Combine that with Acura’s Super Handling AWD system plus drive modes ranging from Comfort to Sport+ and you have an athletic, upscale sedan ready to perform on demand.

#4: 2024 Acura RDX A-Spec

We’re cranking up performance with the RDX A-Spec trim, the sportiest iteration of Acura’s compact luxury SUV. It starts with more aggressive aesthetics including Jewel Eye LED headlights, quad trapezoidal exhaust finishers, and 21-inch wheels in a Smoked Gray hue. The RDX A-Spec leaves no doubts about its intentions before you even slip behind the thick-rimmed, flat-bottom steering wheel.

But it’s much more than a menacing facade. An exclusive 2.0-liter VTEC turbo engine delivers 272 horsepower channeled through a 10-speed automatic, while Super Handling AWD helps drivers best harness all that grunt. The RDX A-Spec backs up its corner-carving capabilities with four drive modes ranging from Snow to Sport. For a nimble and lively compact crossover, the RDX A-Spec stands tall.

#3: 2024 Acura TLX Type S

In the #3 spot we have a sedan speaks directly to the driving purists out there – the 2022 TLX Type S. Culminating years of Type S performance engineering, the turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 under the elongated hood pumps out 355 reckless horses and 406 lb-ft of torque, making it the most powerful Acura sedan ever.

It’s not just straight-line speed that impresses either; the TLX Type S was honed at Japan’s Sakura racetrack to balance poise and power into an absolute canyon-carving machine. Upgraded brakes bring everything to a quick stop while the quad exhaust system fills parking garages with auditory bliss. With the Type S treatment pushing Acura’s new TLX platform to its very limits, driving enthusiasts have their dream sedan.

#2: 2024 Acura NSX

The legendary NSX needs little introduction, having stunned performance fans in both its first generation run in the 1990s and now again today. The latest NSX coupe pioneers exciting hybrid technologies in exotic supercar form, with its bespoke 3-motor hybrid system generating 573 horsepower. An ultra-rigid yet lightweight body structure and mid-mounted V6 engine helps place this Acura atop the automotive hierarchy.

Masterfully applying torque vectoring for tenacious traction out of corners, the NSX rockets to 60 mph in under 3.0 seconds thanks in part to instantaneous electric motor response. The Integrated Dynamics System adapts powertrain, steering, and suspension character between Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track modes to match any driver mood. Factor in rarity with annual production limited to just 350 units and the 2024 NSX offers downright incredible value at its elevated price point.

#1: 2024 Acura NSX Type S

The 2024 Acura NSX Type S is the most expensive Acura ever offered, with a starting MSRP of $206,000. As the peak of NSX performance, the Type S utilizes weight reduction, suspension tuning, and boosted electric power from its hybrid system to be the quickest and most capable NSX produced. This exclusive flagship demonstrates the pinnacle of Acura’s precision crafting and pioneering technology in one phenomenal package.

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