10 Most Expensive Bugatti

Bugatti has produced some of the most expensive cars ever made, but none cost more than the $19 million La Voiture Noire. This one-of-a-kind custom build is a tribute to the ultra-rare 1930s Type 57 SC Atlantic, with styling edits that make it appear carved from a single block of black carbon fiber. At nearly €17 million euros, it claims the crown as the most expensive new Bugatti model by a massive margin.

Bugatti is an iconic French luxury and high-performance automotive brand known for producing some of the fastest, most powerful, and jaw-droppingly expensive cars on the planet. Their vehicles exemplify cutting-edge design, technology, engineering, and sheer excess.

While even “entry-level” Bugattis will set you back millions, certain special editions and custom commissions cost more than some private jets! Here, we’ll count down the 10 most expensive Bugatti models ever built. Strap in for some truly mind-boggling prices.

Top 10 Most Expensive Bugatti

#10. Bugatti Chiron

Kicking off the list is the “cheapest” Bugatti you can currently purchase new. Say hello to the Chiron, a sleek supercar packing an earth-shattering 1,500 horsepower generated by its quad-turbo W16 engine.

This speed machine was built to snag the title of “world’s fastest production car,” touching speeds north of 260 mph. Yet owning this hypercar privilege starts at around $3 million USD…for the base model!

#9. Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

If the Chiron’s price shocked you already, prepare for things to get more extreme. Limited edition models are where the costs really take off into the stratosphere.

Take the open-top Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. Its 1,200 horsepower engine rockets it to 60 mph in under 2.5 seconds. Owning the privilege of feeling the wind blowing through your hair while harnessing this power will set you back $3.4 million minimum.

#8. Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+

Remember how we said the “starting price” for a Chiron was around $3 million? Well, that’s just for the standard version. This more extreme, higher top speed “Super Sport 300+” iteration costs substantially more.

How does a purchase price of $3.9 million strike you? That’s the tab for getting your hands on a Chiron SS 300+, which broke the magical 300 mph barrier to establish itself as the first production car to reach those insane velocities.

#7. Bugatti Mistral Roadster

Take the wind-in-your-hair thrills of the Grand Sport Vitesse, slam it into the modern Chiron’s body, sprinkle in exclusive touches like carbon fiber accents and specially manufactured colors and materials, and you’ve got the stunning Mistral.

Only 99 will be built, destined for the most elite collectors in the world. Ownership starts at $5 million for this exclusive roadster…and something tells us buyers will be tacking on pricey optional customizations too.

#6. Bugatti Bolide

If the previous models still don’t seem special enough, the one-off Bolide should satisfy your desire for exclusivity. This radically lightened track-only version of the Chiron pushes performance to extremes.

Boasting a mind-bending power-to-weight ratio and F1-rivaling aerodynamics, it set a lap record at Le Mans nearly 10 seconds quicker than the regular Chiron. Only 40 will ever be created, with each one sporting a $5.6 million price tag.

#5. Bugatti Type 55 Super Sport Roadster

Vintage styling meets modern mechanicals with the Type 55 Super Roadster, which revives Bugatti’s design language from the pre-war period but fits it around today’s cutting-edge carbon fiber monocoque chassis and beefy powertrain.

The stunning looks and exclusivity don’t come cheap though…you’ll have to pony up at least $5.7 million to own one of these neo-retro masterpieces. Even among elite Bugatti buyers, this model represents old money at its finest.

#4. Bugatti Chiron Hermès Edition

What if a “normal” multi-million Chiron just doesn’t satisfy your appetites for opulence? Enter one of the most expensive mashups in automotive history – a special Chiron collaboration with ultra-high end French fashion house Hermès.

These bespoke Bugattis feature custom colors, badging, and exquisitely handcrafted leather upholstery in Hermès signature orange. Only 100 will be built, going for around $6.2 million each…or enough to buy several private islands.

#3. Bugatti Centodieci

This next model pays tribute to the legendary EB110 supercar of the early 90s. The Centodieci may borrow some design cues from its forebear, but under that vintage-inspired skin lies the mechanical guts of today’s quad-turbo Chiron.

Significant design changes necessitated extensive modifications including new wind tunnels and brake cooling configurations to handle the Centodieci’s extreme speed. Starting MSRP? A cool $9 million bucks…

#2. Bugatti Divo

Less drag, more downforce, sharper handling…that’s the formula behind the $6 million Divo, a version of the Chiron painstakingly optimized for tighter tracks versus top speed runs.

The aero tweaks allow it to corner harder and brake stronger than any Bugatti before it. But with production limited to only 40 cars for the whole planet, you’ll have to outbid some serious heavyweight collectors if you want one.

#1. Bugatti La Voiture Noire

And now – what you’ve been waiting for: the single most expensive new Bugatti on the planet. Presenting La Voiture Noire, a one-off custom built for €16.7 million euros (around $19 million USD!).

That barely comprehensible sum bought the new owner what may be the most exclusive and desirable ultra-luxury vehicle ever produced. Every surface was restyled relative to the Chiron it’s based on for a seamless design that appears carved from a single block of black carbon fiber.

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