10 Most Expensive Buick

The 1950s Buick Centurys and Supers stand as the most valuable classic Buicks on the market today, with prices for flawless examples easily crossing into six-figure territory. These magnificent post-war luxury flagships represent the pinnacle of Buick’s style, performance, and exclusivity - coveted by collectors as the peak of the brand's history. A concours-restored 1950s Buick Century or Super convertible could fetch close to half a million dollars at auction.

When it comes to luxury vehicles, Buick has long been associated with comfort, style, and refinement. While not often reaching the stratospheric prices of ultra-exclusive European brands, some Buicks have commanded impressively high prices at auction over the years. This article will count down the 10 most valuable Buick models – ranging from new luxury flagships to highly coveted classic muscle cars. The prices cited reflect either current 2024 MSRP for new models or actual selling prices realized at major classic car auctions in recent years.

Top 10 Most Expensive Buick

#10 – 2024 Buick Enclave Avenir AWD

Kicking off the list of most expensive Buicks is the brand’s current luxury flagship SUV, the 2024 Enclave Avenir. With a base price of $55,100, the elegant Enclave Avenir features a 3.6L V6 engine producing 310 horsepower.

Appointed with premium materials and technology like heated/ventilated massaging front seats, rear seat entertainment screens, and a high-resolution surround view camera, the Enclave pampers driver and passengers alike. A top-of-the-line Buick for today’s buyer focused on modern comforts and conveniences.

#9 – 2024 Buick Electra E5 Touring

Next is a Buick model reaching into the brand’s all-electric future – the sleek 2024 Electra E5 sedan. With a $56,990 starting MSRP, the Electra E5 boasts some seriously futuristic tech like a 40-inch curved interior display screen, intelligent AI assistant, and advanced autonomous driving aids.

Power comes from dual electric motors generating a lightning-quick 671 lb-ft of instant torque. With up to 400 miles of range, the Electra E5 promises emissions-free luxury.

#8 – 1953 Buick Roadmaster Riviera Coupe

Jumping into the classics, this 1953 Roadmaster Riviera Coupe fetched an incredible $1.21 million at auction – setting a record price for the model. Believed to be one of only two ever built, this unique Roadmaster came from the factory with special power windows, seats, and electricals.

Under the long sweeping hood is a 322ci “Nailhead” V8 packing nearly 240 horsepower. A true blue-chip Buick, blending exceptional provenance with timeless style.

#7 – 1970-72 Buick GSX

Representing Buick’s legendary early 70’s muscle, the formidable 1970-72 GSX rates among the brand’s most coveted performance models ever built. While some base models can still be had from $50k, concours-level GSXs in immaculate shape with numbers-matching drivetrains can fetch up to $250,000 at auction currently.

The range-topping Stage 1 packs 360hp, hitting 60mph in just 6 seconds. Collectors adore these fire-breathing beasts today.

#6 – 1966 Buick Wildcat Gran Sport

This stunning red 1966 Wildcat Gran Sport holds the distinction of being the highest selling Buick at auction ever, hammering for a record $1.375 million in 2015. One of only 404 hardtop Gran Sport Wildcats produced that year.

It features a rare 425ci V8 cranking out 360 horsepower through a 4-speed manual gearbox – serious performance hardware for the mid-60s. Beautifully presented and highly original, it’s considered the ultimate example of this rare and rowdy Wildcat model.

#5 – 1954 Buick Skylark

A true icon of 1950’s automotive exuberance, the debut-year 1954 Skylark convertible has seen prices skyrocket in recent years as collectors scramble to secure these rare beauties.

The first ever production two-seat Buick, this cherry red 54 Skylark sold for an astonishing $3.74 million in 2019 – the record price for any Buick at auction. A GM Motorama concept car brought to life, just 836 Skylarks hit showrooms in 54 packing 236 horsepower V8s. A Holy Grail car for die-hard GM enthusiasts today.

#4 – 1963-65 Buick Riviera Gran Sport

While not reaching quite the same nosebleed prices as 50’s Skylarks, the stunning 1963-65 Riviera Gran Sports have cemented their status as premium collectable Buicks.

Blending muscular performance with graceful luxury in a perfectly proportioned coupe body, prime restored Riv Gran Sports can trade hands today in the $200k to $300k range.

The 1965 model year represented the pinnacle, with the optional 425 Wildcat 445 engine rated at 360 horsepower – matching the muscle car stalwarts from Pontiac, Olds, and Chevy blow for blow.

#3 – 2024 Buick Envision Essence AWD

Returning to new 2024 models, the beautifully styled Envision midsize luxury SUV can be outfitted to near top-shelf prices. The range-topping all-wheel drive Essence trim starts at $46,500, and loaded with every conceivable option can sticker for over $55,000.

This includes an potent 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder generating 228 horsepower, paired to a silky 9-speed automatic transmission. With a gorgeous leather-lined cabin equipped with a 12-inch infotainment display, the refined Envision Essence treats driver and passengers to Buick’s signature quiet comfort.

#2 – 1970 Buick GSX Stage 1

The mighty 1970-71 GSX Stage 1 stands atop most muscle car collectors’ Buick wish lists, widely considered the brand’s most coveted performance car of the classic era. The range-topping Stage 1 packed a thumping 360 horsepower from its large displacement 455 V8.

Already extremely rare – only about 150 were built – a flawless numbers-matching example fetched an astonishing $2.2 million at auction in 2022. For the ultimate in Buick performance and exclusivity, the seminal GSX Stage 1 simply cannot be beat.

#1 – 1950s Buick Centurys & Supers

And rounding out the list of priciest Buicks are the spectacular luxury flagships of the 1950s. During the decade leading up to the 60s, Buick cranked out huge, powerful, lavishly equipped coupes, convertibles and sedans which stand today as the most valuable classic Buicks on the market.

Particular focus falls on the rare 1953 Skylark, 1955-56 Century Caballeros, and limited production 1959 convertibles. Values for concours quality examples can easily cross into 6-figure territory, with some 50s Buick show stoppers approaching the half-million mark. For the ultimate expression of Buick’s post-war prosperity and confidence, these magnificent 1950s luxury liners represent the peak.

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