10 Most Expensive Volvo

The Volvo XC90 Excellence is the most expensive Volvo ever built, with a starting price of around $138,000. Limited to just four seats, it is outfitted like a private jet on wheels, with reclining rear seats in Nappa leather, integrated fridge, folding tables, and air quality system, sparing no expense to deliver the pinnacle of Swedish luxury and tranquility. As the crown jewel of the Volvo lineup, the XC90 Excellence demonstrates that Volvo can produce a vehicle on par with the world's top luxury automakers.

When it comes to luxury vehicles, Volvo has long been known for prioritizing safety, quality, and Scandinavian design over flashiness or performance. However, in recent years, the Swedish automaker has expanded its offerings to include some of the most expensive and well-appointed vehicles on the market.

Ranging from electric SUVs to ultra-luxurious sedans and wagons, Volvo now produces several models that can top $100,000 when fully loaded with premium features and options. These flagship vehicles demonstrate Volvo’s commitment to masterful craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and sustainable luxury.

While not inexpensive by any means, Volvo’s most expensive models also represent the pinnacle of what the brand offers in terms of design, driving dynamics, passenger comfort and overall refinement. For those looking for the ultimate expression of Scandinavian style and technical prowess from Volvo, the following 10 models represent the top of the lineup.

Top 10 Most Expensive Volvo Models

10. Volvo V60 Cross Country T6

The least expensive vehicle on this list of opulent Volvos provides a taste of the comfort and capability the brand is known for. With standard all-wheel drive and a turbocharged 316 horsepower engine, the V60 Cross Country T6 Inscription brings a sporty driving feel and rugged style.

An upscale cabin packed full of finishes like driftwood decor trim and posh leather allow passengers to ride in Scandinavian elegance.

9. Volvo XC40 Recharge

This stylish compact luxury SUV gains plug-in hybrid power and additional high-end features in the top-trim Inscription model. With 18 miles of all-electric range and 258 combined gas/electric horsepower, the XC40 Recharge delivers a nice blend of efficiency, versatility and performance.

Standard features like a Harman Kardon audio system, massaging front seats, 4-zone climate control and driftwood decor make every drive more enjoyable.

8. Volvo S60 T8

Volvo’s midsize sport sedan receives the Inscription treatment with the S60 T8 plug-in hybrid model. 20 miles of all-electric driving range allows for silent commuting before the turbo and supercharged gas engine kicks in to produce 415 horsepower.

Standard Pilot Assist driver assistance and City Safety collision avoidance tech combine with premium features like massaging front seats and driftwood trim for leading-edge luxury.

7. Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric

As the first Volvo built exclusively for battery-electric power, the stylish C40 Recharge Pure Electric provides an estimated 223 miles of emissions-free range. The standard infotainment package features Google apps and services built-in for seamless connectivity and entertainment on the go.

With 402 horsepower sent to all four wheels, zero tailpipe emissions don’t mean zero fun behind the wheel.

6. Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric

Closely related to the C40 Recharge, the XC40 SUV gains some added practicality thanks to a more accommodating shape. 223 miles of all-electric range gives this stylish crossover long legs, important for its city-savvy personality.

Google apps and services come standard to keep passengers connected and engaged, while interior options like massaging front seats and a Harman Kardon audio system ensure comfort is not forgotten.

5. Volvo S60 T8 Polestar Engineered

For those seeking even more potent performance from their Volvo, the full-fat version of the S60 sport sedan delivers. Handling gets recalibrated by Polestar, Volvo’s electrified performance division, with bigger brakes and sticky tires joining the 415 horsepower plug-in hybrid powertrain.

The result is a fast four-door that can still travel 21 miles on battery-power alone when desired. Öhlins shock absorbers and gold seatbelts further set this S60 apart from the pack.

4. Volvo V90 Cross Country T8 Momentum

This timeless wagon gains impressive plug-in hybrid capability in Momentum trim. With responsive, electrified performance plus high ground clearance and standard all-wheel drive, the V90 Cross Country enjoys outstanding capability on and off the beaten path.

Standard features like heated steering wheel and seats, driftwood decor inlays and Bowers & Wilkins premium sound help ensure passengers ride in total comfort over hill and dale.

3. Volvo XC60 Polestar Engineered

The XC60 midsize SUV inherits all the performance upgrades Polestar has on offer to create an athletic, electrified family hauler. Öhlins shocks and six-piston brakes provide sports car-like handling while the plug-in hybrid powertrain churns out 415 horsepower when pushed.

Torque vectoring, a lowered stance, and gold seatbelts outfit the XC60’s cabin with track day touches. Despite the newfound performance emphasis, family-friendly utility remains intact.

2. Volvo S90 T8

Volvo’s flagship sedan oozes relaxed Swedish sophistication, particularly in range-topping T8 Inscription trim. A plug-in hybrid powertrain good for 400 hp and 22 miles of all-electric driving range provides rapid, responsible performance.

Premium interior detailing includes massaging front seats, driftwood decor trim and Bowers & Wilkins premium sound to cocoon passengers in urbane luxury. With ample tech on board, the S90 Inscription cossets as capably as it transports.

1. Volvo XC90 Excellence

Claiming the crown as the most expensive Volvo ever built, the lavish XC90 Excellence takes full-size luxury to new heights. Restricted to just four seats to maximize space and comfort, the Excellence is effectively a private jet on wheels. Heated, ventilated and massaging rear seats are appointed in buttery Nappa leather and complemented by a full console separating the two.

An integrated fridge, folding tables, Bowers & Wilkins audio system and air quality system allow passengers to glide down the highway in total, unruffled tranquility. Representing the pinnacle of Scandinavian automotive luxury, the XC90 Excellence spare absolutely no expense.

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