Why Are AG Jeans So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

AG jeans are expensive because they use high-quality fabrics, specialized wash treatments, premium detailing and manufacturing, limited production runs, and ethical manufacturing practices to create an exclusive denim brand that commands luxury prices compared to cheaper alternatives.

AG Jeans have become one of the most coveted denim brands, with their signature look and premium quality. But their high price point also makes them inaccessible for many. So what exactly makes AG jeans so expensive? Here are the top 10 reasons behind their lofty price tag:

Top 10 Reasons Why Are AG Jeans So Expensive

1. They Use Premium Denim Fabrics

Unlike cheaper jeans made with generic denim, AG uses high-end Japanese and Italian fabrics from mills like Kaihara and Candiani. These fabrics are more durable, fade beautifully, and have a luxurious feel. For example, their Italian-milled 12.5oz Hideki fabric retails for $250 per yard. The better the fabric, the higher the price.

2. Complex Wash Treatments Are Used

Getting that perfectly worn-in vintage look requires multiple wash, rinse and dye processes. AG uses complex sequences like stones, enzymes, bleach and oils to achieve unique fading and whiskering on each pair. This specialized handling adds to the cost. Some washes like black leather or white coated can add $50 or more to the base price.

3. They Focus on Fit and Details

AG takes fit very seriously to create a flattering, molded silhouette. Each style goes through multiple wear tests and fittings before production. Signature details like contrast stitching, pocket designs and custom leather patches are also painstakingly created. These extras require more specialized labor and sourcing of materials.

4. Made in First-World Countries

While many jeans brands have moved production overseas to save on costs, AG still manufactures in the USA, Mexico and Italy. First-world production costs are higher due to better wages, factory standards and compliance. But customers are willing to pay more knowing their jeans are not part of unethical sweatshop labor.

5. Brand Heritage and Marketing

Founded in 2000 in LA, AG has built up a premium brand image that justifies higher prices. With celebrity fans and influencer marketing, they maintain an elite, fashion-forward reputation. Brand value accounts for a portion of the retail cost. Their e-commerce site and flagship stores also reflect the brand’s upscale ambiance.

6. Limited Production Runs

AG makes jeans in small batches and often retires or updates styles each season. This ensures exclusivity and encourages customers to stock up on favorite fits before they sell out. Limited production runs mean they cannot take advantage of bulk discounts. But small batch production contributes to the brand’s premium appeal.

7. High-End Retail Partners

AG focuses on selling at upscale boutiques, specialty stores and premium department stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Saks. These retailers command higher wholesale prices than discount outlets. The posh retail settings support AG’s luxury positioning, though the markups result in higher prices for end consumers.

8. Ethical Manufacturing Has Costs

AG emphasizes that even their outsourced products are made ethically, with good working conditions and fair wages. While ethically made clothes incur higher costs, it’s important to AG and the brand’s premium customers. Consumers are willing to pay more to support ethical production rather than exploiting cheap overseas labor.

9. Multi-Wash Styles Cost More

One of AG’s signatures is offering a single style, like the Ex-Boyfriend or Farrah, in a range of custom washes. Producing diverse colors and finishes for one design demands additional fabric, wash processing and inventory costs. These multi-wash collections allow customers to buy into a look at premium prices.

10. Compared to Designer Denim, They Can Seem Like a Deal

While $200+ for jeans might seem outrageous to some, AG prices are a steal compared to high-end designer denim. Brands like Frame, Mother or 7 for All Mankind charge $300 or more per pair. At similar retail stores, AG offers a more accessible luxury option. So some customers see them as a good value proposition for premium denim.


Yes, AG jeans is considered a good, premium brand known for high quality denim, great fits, and signature vintage washes. They use top fabrics and construction.


AG jeans are known to be very good, even among denim enthusiasts. They are made from premium denim that fades well. The fits are consistently flattering. They deliver quality.


For those willing to invest in their denim, AG jeans are worth the designer-level prices for the quality fabrics, ethical production, perfect fit and uniqueness of each pair.


AG jeans are sold online through their website as well as at upscale department stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and specialty boutiques. Discounts can sometimes be found at outlets.

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