why are apple watches so expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

Apple watches are expensive because they contain premium build quality materials, the latest health and fitness sensors, and custom-designed chipsets. They also integrate tightly with Apple's ecosystem, undergo extensive optimization for software and hardware, and see frequent yearly iterations - all contributing to higher research, development and manufacturing costs that are passed to consumers through premium pricing. Overall Apple packs attention to detail into the watch to provide the best smartwatch experience.

The Apple Watch has become the hottest smartwatch on the market since its debut in 2015. With its sleek design, innovative health and fitness tracking features, deep integration with other Apple devices, and a whole range of models to choose from – it’s no wonder the Apple Watch is so popular.

However, there’s no denying that Apple Watches come with premium price tags – especially some of the higher-end stainless steel and ceramic models. So what exactly makes these smartwatches so expensive compared to competitors? Let’s take a look at the top 10 reasons behind those Apple Watch price tags.

Top 10 Reasons why are apple watches so expensive

1. Premium Build Quality

Apple Watches feature high-quality materials like aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and even ceramic. These materials are more expensive than the plastics used in cheaper smartwatches. Apple’s meticulous attention to design and build quality ensures a premium look and feel.

2. Packed With Sensors and Technology

From the heart rate sensor to the accelerometer to GPS, Apple Watches contain a dense suite of tech and sensors for comprehensive health, fitness, and convenience features. R&D and advanced miniaturization technologies add to costs.

3. OLED Displays are More Expensive

Apple uses bright, vibrant and power-efficient OLED displays rather than cheaper LCD displays. Producing quality OLED screens that render colors accurately adds to material and manufacturing expenses.

4. Tight Integration with the Apple Ecosystem

Apple leverages tight integration between the Apple Watch and iPhone/Mac/iPad for unique Continuity features. Advanced app integration enables greater functionality but requires custom engineering – hence driving up costs.

5. Brand Value and Premium Positioning

As an established lifestyle and tech brand, Apple attracts a premium for its products. Its smartwatch pricing strategy maintains its branding position and high profit margins rather than competing solely on price.

6. Retail Distribution and After-Sales Support

Apple sells its watches via its website and network of fashionable Apple Stores rather than mass-market big box retailers. Investments into beautiful retail spaces and knowledgable staff increase overheads. Moreover, AppleCare support services aren’t cheap either.

7. New Model Iterations Annually

Apple revises the Apple Watch lineup every year with new models, custom silicon, upgraded sensors, and software features. Frequent R&D cycles to pack more advance tech per iteration keeps costs elevated.

8. Custom-Designed Chipsets

The Apple Watch SE packs the S6 chip while the Apple Watch Ultra has the upgraded S8 chip. These custom Apple-designed chipsets tailored for the Watch’s features are pricier than off-the-shelf silicon.

9. Software Optimization and Seamless Experience

Watch iOS software goes through rigorous optimization to ensure fast, fluid interactions and excellent battery efficiency from Apple’s chip hardware. Extensive R&D efforts translate into higher profits priced into newer models.

10. Overall Attention to Detail

From advanced health sensors to intuitive UI to luxury designs focused on comfort – every detail behind the Apple Watch enhances the user experience while requiring investments. Competitors cutting corners reflects in their lower pricing.

Is Apple Watch a good brand?

Yes, Apple Watch is considered one of the best smartwatch brands due to its premium build quality, innovative features, tight integration with Apple’s ecosystem, and intuitive software optimized for the hardware.

Are Apple Watches good?

Yes, Apple Watches are one of the top smartwatches available thanks to their comprehensive health/fitness tracking capabilities, support for third-party apps, consistently smooth performance, good battery life and high-quality displays.

Are Apple Watches worth the price?

For iPhone users who want a fully-featured fitness companion on their wrist with access to notifications, apps, and deeper integration with Apple’s ecosystem, Apple Watches justify their premium pricing through build quality, features and tight hardware/software optimization.

Where to buy Apple Watches?

Consumers can purchase Apple Watches directly from Apple’s website, Apple retail stores, select third-party electronics retailers like Best Buy, or from cell phone carriers that offer connected smartwatches.

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