Why Are Bentleys So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

Bentleys are expensive because they are hand-crafted in England using the finest materials and detailed craftsmanship, undergoing over 2,000 hours of work per car. Their low production volumes, racing lineage, and prestige as a nearly 100-year-old brand imbues them with exclusivity and heritage unmatched by other luxury automakers. And the extreme levels of customization, bespoke options, and integrated technology enables each Bentley to uniquely reflect the personality and taste of the buyer.

Bentleys are all hand-crafted in Crewe, England with fine materials and extreme attention to detail applied to every vehicle. As the pinnacle of automotive luxury, they spare no expense in design, engineering, or manufacturing. The combination of artisanal production, bespoke options, high-performance engineering, and the exclusivity of the brand all contribute to the stratospheric prices tag. Let’s count down the top 10 reasons this incomparable luxury does not come cheap.

Top 10 Reasons Why Are Bentleys So Expensive

1: One-of-a-Kind Design

Getting in a Bentley makes a statement. The iconic, hand-crafted designs are unique to the brand and channel old-world opulence. No expense is spared for the finer details like chrome, leather, and wood accents.

Each vehicle takes 9 weeks to complete with meticulous inspection from craftsmen who train for 2 years minimum. The customizable color combinations, accents, and features ensure no two Bentleys leaving the factory are the same.

2: Peerless Ride Quality

Gliding along in a Bentley is an experience like no other. The smooth and quiet ride makes it feel as if you’re floating on air. This unmatched comfort is no accident – Bentley prioritizes ride quality above all else. Proprietary aluminum alloys and castings on the chassis provide stiffness and stability.

The suspension is tuned for comfort using air springs and continuously variable dampers. All this engineering isolates passengers from bumps and vibrations better than any competitor luxury or sports car brand.

3: Bespoke Craftsmanship

Walk into the factory in Crewe and you immediately appreciate the meticulous work that goes into each Bentley. Master craftsmen stitch, tool, and finish the leather by hand, taking over 10 hours for just the seats! Wood accents come from sustainably sourced rare veneers, shaped and finished by hand.

With billions of possible build combinations, meeting every customer requirement is a badge of honor. This bespoke approach ensures every Bentley ordered reflects the personality of the buyer.

4: High-Performance Engineering

While comfort and style define the Bentley brand, their 12-cylinder engines also deliver tremendous power. Models like the Flying Spur produce 626 HP and 664 lb-ft of torque, rocketing this full-size luxury sedan from 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 207 mph!

Yet all that muscle comes alongside feather-light steering and handling with the reflexes of a sports car. This combination of raw power, light weight, and refined manners underscores the magic of Bentley performance.

5: Low Production Volumes

In 2021, Bentley produced only 14,659 cars across all models. By comparison, mass-market brands produce hundreds of thousands of cars annually. This low production volume stems from the extensive custom work lavished upon each car.

When you purchase a Bentley, you tap into a level of exclusivity simply not possible with a traditional luxury brand like Mercedes or Lexus. With so few Bentleys ever built, retaining long-term value also makes this luxury investment easier to justify.

6: Unique Heritage & History

The rich 100-year history behind Bentley imbues the brand with a spirit and heritage unmatched by nouveau-riche competitors. After all, Bentley popularized the luxury touring car in the 1920s. Le Mans-winning race cars also carry the Bentley badge.

Today’s models draw from this history with styling cues echoing vintage models. With each new Bentley, you gain membership into an elite club including monarchs, actors, rappers, executives and more. This history explains why no other car quite equals the charm of that iconic “Flying B” hood ornament.

7: Personalized Options Galore

One glance at the options list reveals why Bentleys leave the factory at tremendous sticker prices. Beyond selecting colors and materials, you enter a world of customization where you specify the vehicle exactly to your liking.

Add retractable footrests, adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assist, open-pore wood veneers, tailor-fit cashmere blankets for the cabin, branded picnics sets, a veneer and leather trunk set created from your Bentley’s wood accents and hides – the sky is truly the limit. With such individual customization, each vehicle carries a unique personality.

8: Integrated Technology

While honoring tradition Bentleys also deploy integrated technology blended seamlessly into luxury cabin surroundings. Touchscreen displays with haptic feedback allow control of everything from navigation to seat adjustments. Options include safeguard Verity tracking, Android Auto and wireless charging, WiFi hotspots and Google services built-in.

You can even get Bentley branded headphones tuned to match your specific car’s acoustics! Underneath lies a vastly complex set of control modules making everything work in harmony. This tech underpinning enables both innovation and customization at new levels.

9: Handling & Performance

Many buyers underestimate the sheer performance possible from Bentleys. Make no mistake – these are driver’s cars as nimble as they are quick. Continuous all-wheel drive along with dynamic control systems means putting all that power down efficiently.

Lightweight alloy wheels, standard carbon ceramic brakes, torque vectoring and active anti-roll bars allow confident cornering and control. Steering offers accuracy but remains light at low speeds for maneuvering ease. Don’t let the luxury fool you – these cars deliver handling thrills exceeding many top-tier sports cars.

10: Lasting Value Appreciation

Perhaps the biggest justification comes from strong resale value retention. The cast-iron brand reputation and exclusivity means used Bentleys hold value better than almost any other luxury car make. For example, a 2012 Continental GT can still fetch over $100k depending on the mileage and condition.

Some special run models like Bentley’s 100th Anniversary series sell for higher prices used than when new! Just like high-end watch or jewelry purchases, that eye-watering sticker price translates to long-term value – making Bentley one of the most coveted statement purchases possible.

Is Bentleys a good brand?

Yes, Bentley is an extremely prestigious brand known for luxury, performance, and craftsmanship, having built their reputation over nearly 100 years as one of the top automotive luxury names worldwide.

Are Bentleys good?

With their hand-built production using fine materials, bespoke interior options, smooth powerful engines, and emphasis on ride comfort and handling, Bentleys offer an exceptionally refined driving experience like no other luxury vehicle.

Are Bentleys worth the price?

Given their iconic styling, racing pedigree, brand cachet, extremely low production volumes ensuring exclusivity, and strong resale value retention, most automotive experts agree that Bentleys justify their high prices for luxury buyers.

Where to buy Bentleys?

Bentleys are sold new through exclusive Bentley dealerships available in most major cities globally; used certified Bentleys can be purchased through these dealers or online luxury & auction marketplaces like DuPont Registry or Hemmings.

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