Why Are Geox Shoes So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

Geox shoes are expensive because they utilize patented breathable membrane technology, use high-quality Italian leathers and suedes, are handcrafted in Italy, have comfort technologies like cushioning and arch support, distribute exclusively through upscale retailers to maintain prestige, and incur high costs for international shipping and business overheads.

Geox shoes have become known for their breathable and comfortable technology, stylish Italian designs, and premium quality materials. However, with these features come higher prices compared to typical athletic and casual footwear brands.

Geox positions itself as a premium lifestyle brand, so its shoes are more expensive than regular shoes. But are they worth the higher price tag? Let’s explore the top 10 reasons why Geox shoes cost more than other brands.

Top 10 Reasons Why Geox Shoes Are Expensive

1. Patented Breathable Membrane Technology

The most unique feature of Geox shoes is the patented breathable membrane technology embedded in the soles. Developing and integrating this innovative membrane comes at a cost, which contributes to the higher price of Geox shoes compared to brands without this technology. However, it provides unmatched comfort and breathability.

2. Quality Leather and Suede Materials

Geox uses premium quality leather and suede sourced from Italy for a majority of their shoes. These fine materials are more expensive than synthetic leather or cheaper quality leather used by budget brands. However, they provide a luxurious look and feel, are highly durable, and are easier to clean and care for over the long run.

3. Made in Italy Craftsmanship

Geox shoes are predominantly made in Italy, which automatically commands a higher price tag. Experienced Italian craftspeople handmake the shoes using time-honored techniques and skills.

The labor costs in Italy are greater than other countries where most budget brands manufacture their shoes. While the “Made in Italy” label denotes quality, it comes at a cost.

4. Technology-Driven Comfort Features

In addition to the breathable membrane, Geox shoes include comfort technologies like anti-shock heel systems, cushioned footbeds, arch support, and shock absorption. Developing and engineering these features requires significant investment.

However, they create an exceptionally comfortable shoe that stays fresh all day. The comfort is worth the price for many loyal Geox customers.

5. High-End Materials Like Leather and Rubber Soles

Geox uses very high-quality leather hides and suede that exceed basic industry standards. Full-grain Italian leather with inherent water resistance, breathability, and durability exceeds synthetic leather in price.

They also use premium rubber soles rather than cheaper EVA foam or plastic. While the material costs are higher, it results in a better quality and longer lasting shoe.

6. Patent and Trademark Protection Costs

Geox holds over 60 patents and spends a significant amount protecting its intellectual property and innovative technologies. Patent applications, lawyers, litigation fees against copycats, and trademark registrations across the world are expensive.

These costs allow Geox to maintain its competitive advantage, but drive up the prices of its shoes.

7. Multi-Seasonal, Fashion-Forward Designs

Geox footwear comes in various styles including boots, dress shoes, walking shoes, and casual sneakers that span multiple seasons. The investment in continually evolving fashionable designs and styles to align with seasonal trends also adds to the shoes’ cost. The constant innovation requires extensive research and development.

8. Brand Image and Exclusive Distribution

Geox focuses significant marketing efforts on positioning itself as a premium lifestyle brand. From celebrity endorsements to luxury brand partnerships, the brand image commands a high price point.

Geox also maintains exclusivity by distributing through upscale department stores, footwear specialty retailers, and their own branded stores rather than mass-market outlets. Limited distribution keeps prices elevated.

9. International Shipping Costs

While Geox shoes are manufactured in Italy, the company sells in over 100 countries worldwide. International shipping, duties, and taxes raise costs and those overheads get incorporated into the retail price.

Geox maintains a consistent global pricing strategy rather than lowering prices in certain markets. The global distribution footprint makes Geox more expensive than local shoe brands.

10. High Business Expenses and Overheads

As with any premium brand, Geox incurs higher overhead costs than budget manufacturers. Everything from executive salaries, maintaining thousands of employees, operating costs for offices, stores, warehouses, distribution centers, marketing budgets, and research labs contribute over $500 million in annual operating expenses. These expensive overheads result in higher prices to maintain healthy profit margins.

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