Why Are Michael Kors Watches So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

Michael Kors watches are expensive because of their brand reputation for quality and prestige, use of high-end materials like stainless steel and sapphire crystal, and features like Swiss movements, water resistance, complications, and excellent craftsmanship. Their status symbol appeal also allows retailers to attach premium markups, adding to the elevated pricing.

Michael Kors is an American fashion designer known for his luxury accessories and watches. His watches range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. But what makes them so expensive compared to other fashion watches? Here are the top 10 reasons why Michael Kors watches come with premium price tags.

Top 10 Reasons Why Are Michael Kors Watches So Expensive

1. Brand Name and Reputation

As an established high-end fashion brand, Michael Kors has built a reputation for quality and prestige over the last few decades. Consumers trust the name and are willing to pay more for the status and cachet it brings.

The brand recognition alone allows them to command higher prices.

2. Design and Styling

Michael Kors watches feature very fashionable and contemporary designs. Whether it’s the round chronograph faces or slim asymmetric cases, they look good with both casual and formal attire.

The styling puts them in the luxury category, where buyers expect to pay more for the latest trends and aesthetically-pleasing appearance.

3. High-end Materials

The watches use premium materials like stainless steel, ceramic, and crystal for the cases and sapphire crystal for the glass face. Some even have diamond accents.

These luxurious materials significantly raise production costs compared to regular alloy and mineral glass watches. The material quality matches the price tag.

4. Swiss and Japanese Movements

Nearly all Michael Kors watches utilize precise movements from Switzerland or Japan. These include chronographs from ISA or quartz movements from Ronda. The smooth highly-accurate movement mechanisms in luxury watches command high pricing in the market. It’s a major component that adds value.

5. Water Resistance Features

A majority of the watches are water-resistant to 5 ATM or 50 meters. Many are even 10 ATM water-resistant for added durability. Additional gaskets and seals raise costs but allow you to wear them while washing hands without risk of damage.

This extra functionality adds to the price for practical everyday use.

6. Multiple Complications and Features

Michael Kors timepieces boast multiple functions beyond just telling time. This includes chronograph subdials, tachymeters, date windows, alarm functions, light-up dials, and more.

Adding extra features requires additional design and production costs. But it also makes the watches more useful and raises perceived value.

7. High-End Presentation

You get premium presentation when you buy a Michael Kors watch. They usually come in special branded boxes and pouches along with a warranty card and polishing cloth.

Unboxing and presenting one of these watches feels like a luxury experience, consistent with what you’d expect from a high-end accessory.

8. Brand Craftsmanship and Durability

Attention to detail in design and assembly results in better craftsmanship compared to regular fashion watches. Tighter tolerances and rigorous quality testing ensure longevity and reliability for years of use.

Michael Kors timepieces should last through years of occasional rough daily wear – an important consideration that helps justify the expense.

9. Retail Markups

As a premium fashion accessory sold primarily in high-end department stores, boutiques, and Michael Kors’ own stores, these watches are subject to higher retail markups compared to mass-market timepieces.

The additional branding, packaging, presentations, and shopping experience all contribute to wider profit margins resulting in elevated pricing.

10. Status Symbol Appeal

Lastly, an inherent appeal comes from owning and wearing a luxury designer item like a Michael Kors watch. It’s considered a marker of style, sophistication and even wealth by many. Consumers knowingly pay extra for the chance to own a piece that they perceive boosts their image and confidence.

The status symbol value further drives up resale demand and prices in the secondhand market as well.

Is Michael Kors watches a good brand?

Yes, Michael Kors is known worldwide as a premier fashion brand making high-quality and stylish watches from fine materials that justify their higher than average prices.

Are Michael Kors watches good?

Michael Kors watches are very good in terms of using precise movements, durable materials and luxurious designs that work for both casual and formal wear. Attention to detail makes them last.

Are Michael Kors watches worth the price?

For the brand reputation, quality craftsmanship, attractive designs and luxury status symbol, most buyers consider Michael Kors watches a worthwhile investment that retains value.

Where to buy Michael Kors watches?

Michael Kors watches are sold globally through the company’s own stores as well as select department stores, jewelry chains and fashion boutiques both online and in malls.

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