Why Are New Balance Shoes So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

New Balance shoes are expensive because of their domestic manufacturing, premium materials, innovative technologies, brand prestige and reputation for quality. The higher prices reflect New Balance's commitment to American-made craftsmanship, advanced performance features and durability that devoted customers value.

New Balance athletic shoes have developed a reputation for being more expensive than other major athletic shoe brands like Nike or Adidas.

There are several reasons why New Balance shoes come with a higher price tag. Understanding the factors behind the cost can help explain why devoted New Balance fans are willing to pay top dollar for the brand’s footwear.

Top 10 Reasons Why New Balance Shoes Are Expensive

1. Made in the USA manufacturing

New Balance proudly touts that some of its shoes are made or assembled in the United States, such as in their factories in Maine and Massachusetts.

Manufacturing in the USA typically comes with higher labor costs than outsourcing production to Asian countries. Domestic production allows for more quality control as well.

2. Use of premium materials

The upper parts of New Balance shoes often use premium leathers and mesh materials. These high-end materials enhance the comfort, fit and durability of New Balance shoes.

But also increase production costs compared to using synthetic leather and fabrics. New Balance prides itself on its craftsmanship and quality.

3. Advanced technology

New Balance is known for incorporating innovative technology into its shoe designs and manufacturing processes.

Developing these proprietary technologies like unique midsole foams and data-driven production methods requires significant upfront investment, which gets passed onto the consumers through higher retail pricing.

4. Limited edition shoes

Some New Balance shoes are produced in limited runs or exclusive collections, making them harder to find and more in-demand.

Many collectors are willing to pay above retail pricing to get their hands on a rare or limited edition New Balance collaboration or specialty colorway. Limited supply and higher demand leads to higher prices for these shoes.

5. Niche target consumer

New Balance targets a narrower, niche demographic compared to the mass market brands like Nike and Adidas. The brand has a strong following among runners, American-made enthusiasts, dad shoe trends and other specific consumer tribes.

This narrow target market is often more willing to pay steeper prices for the exact product benefits they desire.

6. Lack of outsourced labor

While many major athletic shoe companies mass produce their shoes in factories with cheap labor in Asia, New Balance purposely avoids a substantial amount of outsourced labor.

Producing more shoes domestically or in Western countries shrinks profit margins, so New Balance charges more for its shoes to offset the higher manufacturing costs.

7. Smaller production runs

New Balance limits the production runs for many of its shoes compared to the huge supply volumes pumped out by giants like Nike and Adidas.

Lower supply paired with steady demand enables New Balance to maintain higher prices. Limited runs also promote early sellouts and the coveted “exclusive” appeal of some models.

8. Brand prestige and loyalty

Many New Balance fans are willing to pay higher prices because they are loyal to the brand prestige and heritage.

The company has spent decades cultivating its brand image through premium product offerings, grassroots marketing and word-of-mouth buzz. This brand clout allows New Balance to command a price premium compared to less established brands.

9. Distribution control

New Balance exerts more control over the distribution of its shoes compared to larger brands that flood the mass market. Controlling supply bolsters the brand’s premium image and prevents overexposure.

New Balance must charge higher prices to compensate for selling lower volumes through select retailers. Fans know to get the latest drops directly from New Balance rather than waiting for a sale.

10. Catering to stability needs

Many New Balance models are designed to provide maximum stability, arch support and cushioning. These performance technologies cater to runners and athletes with specific footwear needs like overpronation or plantar fasciitis.

For these consumers, paying more for New Balance is worthwhile if the shoes alleviate pain and prevent injury. They can’t find the same corrected stability in cheaper shoes.


IS new Balance A Good Shoe Brand?

Yes, New Balance is considered a good, reputable athletic shoe brand known for quality craftsmanship, supportive technologies, and premium materials. They are especially popular among runners, athletes and shoe collectors.

Are New Balance Shoes Good?

New Balance shoes are known for being extremely comfortable, durable and providing excellent arch support. Their shoes are ideal for people who need stability, cushioning or specific footwear technologies for activity like running.

Are New Balance Shoes Worth The Price?

For many devoted fans, New Balance shoes are worth the higher prices because of factors like made in USA manufacturing, advanced performance features, premium materials and brand reputation. The quality justifies the price.

Where To Buy New Balance Shoes?

New Balance shoes can be purchased directly from New Balance stores or website as well as authorized retailers like Foot Locker, Champs Sports, Road Runner Sports, Dick’s Sporting Goods and specialty running stores.

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