Why Are Nixon Watches So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

Nixon watches are expensive because they are hand-assembled in the USA and Switzerland using high-quality and complex components, they have an exclusive and aspirational brand identity fused with youth culture, and their innovative designs and durability make them a premium product.

ased in Encinitas, California, Nixon is a watch company founded in 1997 that specializes in making custom-built watches designed specifically for an active lifestyle. They are best known for their durable and high-quality sports watches that integrate California surf and skate culture with an edgy yet refined aesthetic.

While Nixon watches range greatly in price, many models sell for $500 or more. For a watch, this kind of price tag is typically reserved for high-end luxury brands. So why exactly are these Nixon sports watches able to demand such premium prices? Here are the top reasons behind the Nixon price tag.

Top Reasons Why Nixon Watches Are So Expensive

1. Hand-Assembled in the USA and Switzerland

Many Nixon watches are assembled by hand either in their headquarters in California or in watch manufacturing facilities in Switzerland. This hands-on process understandably drives up labor costs but also results in meticulous quality control and attention to detail.

2. Use of High-Quality Materials

From stainless steel to diamond-infused ceramic, Nixon watches incorporate strong, durable, and luxurious materials into their designs. These premium materials come at a price but also give Nixon watches their resilience.

3. Complex Craftsmanship

Nixon watches feature more complex applications of watchmaking craftsmanship compared to mainstream fashion watches. This includes more intricate dials, high-precision movements, and features like multiple time zones. This advanced construction requires greater expertise and care.

4. Exclusive Designs

Drawing aesthetic influence from action sports and youth culture, many Nixon watch designs have an edgy, exclusive look. This originallity adds cachet and collectability that help justify higher prices.

5. Water and Impact Resistance

Engineered for action sports, Nixon watches are built to withstand water, shocks, vibrations and more. The specialized materials and components required to make watches this rugged are costly.

6. Prestigious Collaborations

Nixon is known for partnering with prestige brands and personalities to create limited edition collaborative watches. Recent partners include Vans, Metallica, and exiled NBA star Dennis Rodman. These exclusive products come with matching price tags.

7. Celebrity Endorsements

Nixon has managed to get many cultural influencers and celebrities to wear and endorse their watches. When stars like Brad Pitt, Jessica Alba and John Mayer sport your watches, you can charge more for them.

8. Innovation

Nixon keeps innovating new performance features tailored specifically for board sports like surfing and snowboarding. This specialized innovation allows them to provide unique value to active consumers.

9. Brand Identity

Nixon has used smart and consistent marketing to develop a strong brand identity fused with youth culture, individuality and active self-expression. This cultivates brand prestige and loyalty that supports higher prices.

10. Longevity and Warranties

While expensive upfront, Nixon watches are built for the long haul. Durable materials and expert construction mean they hold up well over time. Most watches come with extensive warranties as well. This durability tempers costs over years of use.

IS nixon watches A Good Brand?

With strong materials, complex craftsmanship and a reputation for durability, Nixon is considered a good brand known for making quality sports watches designed for active lifestyles.

Are nixon watches Good?

Yes, Nixon watches are well-regarded for their resilience, water-resistance, unique style and performance features tailored for board sports, so they excel as rugged lifestyle accessory watches.

Are nixon watches Worth The Price?

For their target demographic seeking a watch fused with youth culture that can withstand an adventurous lifestyle, Nixon watches justify their higher cost through brand identity, quality construction and innovative designs.

Where To Buy nixon watches?

Nixon watches can be purchased directly through the Nixon website, as well as authorized retail partners like Nordstrom, Zumiez, REI Co-Op and various surf/skate shops. Availability varies by model.

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