Why Are Nobull Shoes So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

Nobull Shoes are expensive because they use high-quality materials, have a unique and stylish design, and are engineered for peak performance during intense workouts. Their premium brand image also allows them to command a higher price point.

Nobull shoes have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among CrossFit athletes and fitness enthusiasts. With their stylish design and claims of superior performance, it’s no wonder many are drawn to the brand.

However, upon seeing the $150+ price tag for a pair of Nobulls, some may wonder – why are they so expensive?

Top 10 Reasons Why Nobull Shoes Are So Expensive

1. High-Quality Materials

Nobull uses premium materials in their shoes like SuperFabric, high-grade leather, and lightweight mesh. These materials are durable, flexible, and breathable while also providing protection and support. The use of these high-end materials drives up production costs.

2. Unique and Stylish Design

Nobull has a very distinct look, with their “no logo” minimal design and variety of colorways. They put effort into making stylish shoes that appeal to athletes and fitness crowds. Unique designs and branding require more attention in the design process, again raising costs.

3. Made in Smaller Quantities

As a newer, smaller company, Nobull doesn’t produce shoes at the same massive scale as some of the major brands. This means their fixed costs per shoe are higher. Limited production quantities also build exclusivity into the brand.

4. Targeted to Specific Market

Nobull aims its shoes primarily at CrossFit, HIIT classes, and gym-goers seeking performance and style. By targeting this market willing to pay more for specialty shoes, they can command higher prices than traditional training shoes.

5. Handcrafted Production

While some shoe production is automated, Nobull highlights that its shoes are “handcrafted.” This human touch in the assembly process increases time and effort per shoe compared to fully machine-made shoes, increasing costs.

6. Company Reputation and Branding

As a relative newcomer, Nobull had to invest heavily in building brand awareness and credibility. Effective marketing and sponsored athletes aren’t cheap. These efforts allow them to justify higher prices to cover brand-building costs.

7. High-Performance Design

Nobull engineers its shoes for multi-directional movements, flexibility, comfort and support during intense workouts. These performance design elements require extensive R&D and testing to perfect, costs that get built into the retail price.

8. Limited Third-Party Sellers

Nobull sells primarily through its own website and some specialty retailers. By avoiding selling widely through discount retailers, they face less pricing pressure and can better control brand image.

9. Strong Resale Value

The popularity and scarcity of certain Nobull styles means they hold value well and have a strong resale market. This residual value allows Nobull to command full retail pricing for new releases rather than discounting.

10. Signifies Status and Lifestyle

For some, splurging on Nobull shoes is about more than performance. The distinctive style signals you’re “in the know” about elite workout gear. Premium pricing builds the perception of exclusivity and status.

Is Nobull A Good Shoe Brand?

Nobull is considered a top brand for functional fitness and CrossFit because of their innovative design, high-quality materials, versatility, and stylish aesthetic. They excel at multi-directional movements.

Are Nobull Shoes Good?

Nobull shoes are known for their flexibility, breathability, comfort and support during high-intensity workouts. Many athletes praise them for durability and stability during lifts, sprints, climbing rope, and other functional movements.

Are Nobull Shoes Worth The Price?

For hardcore CrossFitters or gym-goers wanting premium footwear, Nobull’s performance, style, and status as a coveted brand make them worth the $150+ price tag in the eyes of many fitness enthusiasts.

Where To Buy Nobull Shoes?

Nobull shoes can be purchased directly through the company’s website www.nobullproject.com or through select specialty retailers like Rogue Fitness. They are not commonly found in mainstream shoe stores.

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