Why Are Samuel Hubbard Shoes So Expensive? 10 reasons Why

Samuel Hubbard shoes are expensive because they are handcrafted in America using premium materials and comfort technologies, they are produced in limited quantities with extensive sizing, and their innovative styles and luxury branding allow them to command premium pricing.

Samuel Hubbard shoes have developed a reputation for being some of the most expensive men’s dress shoes on the market. With price tags often reaching over $300 for a single pair, many people wonder what makes these shoes so costly compared to other brands.

In exploring the reasons behind the high prices, it becomes clear that a number of factors contribute to making Samuel Hubbard footwear a premium product.

Top 10 Reasons Why Samuel Hubbard Shoes Are So Expensive

1. Handcrafted Construction and Premium Materials

Each pair of Samuel Hubbard shoes is meticulously handcrafted using time-honored shoemaking techniques that ensure the highest level of quality. Only premium leathers and materials are used, from full-grain leather uppers to supple leather linings.

The attention to detail and artisanal construction dramatically increase costs compared to mass-produced shoes.

2. Made in the USA

While many shoe companies have moved production overseas to reduce costs, Samuel Hubbard maintains production in the USA. Their shoes are made in their factory in Pennsylvania using American leathers and a team of skilled American craftspeople.

This local production allows quality control but also increases labor costs compared to foreign manufacturing.

3. Limited Production Runs

Samuel Hubbard does not produce shoes in huge volumes like some larger brands. Instead, they focus on small batch production which allows greater attention to detail.

However, this limited production increases overall costs per shoe. The exclusivity adds to the appeal for many customers.

4. Multiple Width and Size Options

Finding the perfect fit is crucial for comfort and style. That’s why Samuel Hubbard offers their shoes in multiple width options from medium to extra-wide. They also have full and half sizes available across a broad range of foot lengths.

All these customized size and width options ensure a perfect fit but also drive up manufacturing costs.

5. Investment in Comfort Technologies

Samuel Hubbard utilizes specialized comfort technologies like contoured footbeds made from high-density foam and moisture-wicking linings.

These features provide all-day comfort but utilize expensive materials and construction methods that cheaper shoes may skip. The comfort adds real value but isn’t free.

6. Unique and Innovative Styles

Rather than just producing their takes on classic dress shoe styles, Samuel Hubbard is constantly innovating fresh new designs. The unique brogue ranger boot or roadster driving loafer demonstrate their innovation.

However, research and development to create new styles adds to overall costs that get passed onto consumers.

7. High-End Retail Partners

Samuel Hubbard invests in building partnerships with upscale retail outlets to sell their shoes. Top department stores like Nordstrom and specialty retailers like Zappos carry the brand.

But these high-end partners charge higher prices than discount outlets, contributing to the overall customer cost.

8. Substantial Marketing Investment

In order to build their brand identity and connect with customers, Samuel Hubbard devotes extensive resources to marketing. From social media advertising to collaborations with fashion influencers, getting the word out isn’t free.

These efforts build the perception of exclusivity and prestige that support the higher prices.

9. Strong Customer Service Infrastructure

Samuel Hubbard operates full-service retail stores in addition to their online and wholesale business. This requires investment in real estate, staffing and inventory.

Providing exceptional individualized customer service including custom fittings comes at a cost that is incorporated into pricing.

10. Premium Brand Positioning and Value

Ultimately, the price denotes the positioned value of Samuel Hubbard shoes. They purposefully place the brand at the highest end of the market.

The high price communicates the quality, exclusivity, and prestige that luxury customers desire. While it limits affordability for some, it enhances the brand’s premium appeal.

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