Why Are Sas Shoes So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

SAS shoes are expensive because they are handcrafted in America using premium materials, comfort technologies, and specialized manufacturing techniques. Their reputation for quality, medical-grade support, limited production, and longevity also allow them to command premium pricing. However, the shoes are cost-effective long-term given their durability.

SAS shoes have developed a reputation for being some of the most expensive shoes on the market. From simple sneakers to dress shoes, SAS shoes often cost several hundred dollars per pair.

With such a hefty price tag, it’s normal for consumers to wonder – why are SAS shoes so expensive? Here are the top 10 reasons that contribute to the high prices of SAS shoes.

Top 10 Reasons Why Are Sas Shoes So Expensive

1. Handcrafted in America

One of the main reasons SAS shoes are pricey is that they are handcrafted in America, mainly in their factories in San Antonio, Texas. Unlike most shoe brands that outsource manufacturing to cheaper factories overseas, SAS prides itself on employing American workers and keeping production on US soil. This local production allows for stricter quality control but also drives costs up.

2. Use of premium materials

SAS uses high-quality leathers and other premium materials for its shoes. Full-grain and top-grain leathers from reputable tanneries in America and Europe are standard. Using the best materials available guarantees durability and comfort, but these materials are more expensive than lower-grade options.

3. Comfort features

SAS shoes incorporate comfort features not found in regular footwear. These include specially designed cushioning systems like proprietary SAS Tripad footbeds, customized arch supports, and shock-absorbing SAS heel stabilizers. While these features improve comfort, they also add to the production expenses.

4. Specialized craftsmanship

Experienced SAS craftspeople hand-make each shoe following specialized techniques that guarantee optimal comfort and support. For example, they can incorporate custom orthotics during manufacturing. Such specialized craftsmanship requires artisanal skill and care that machine manufacturing cannot replicate.

5. Range of width sizes

SAS offers shoes in a full range of width sizes from narrow to extra-wide. Whereas most brands only offer medium or wide widths at most, SAS caters specifically to those needing properly fitted narrow or extra-wide shoes. Providing this range of width sizes adds to costs but ensures a proper fit.

6. Medical-grade support

SAS shoes are designed to provide medical-grade support and relief for a range of foot conditions and pains. Podiatrists often recommend SAS for foot issues like plantar fasciitis, arthritis, diabetes-related foot problems, and orthopedic conditions. The medical-focused support and comfort do come at a price premium.

7. Limited production runs

SAS produces shoes in smaller batches versus mass production. This allows for great attention to detail and quality control. However, smaller production runs increase overall costs due to fixed overhead expenses being distributed over fewer shoes.

8. Company reputation

In business since 1976, SAS has earned a sterling reputation for superior craftsmanship, lasting comfort, and top-grade materials. This reputation commands a premium price for the brand. Consumers know they can trust SAS quality and are willing to pay more for the shoes as a result.

9. Specialized retail stores

SAS shoes are primarily sold through their own branded retail stores rather than larger chains. These specialized shoe stores have higher overhead costs than a section in a large retailer. The higher costs ultimately feed into higher prices for the shoes.

10. Made for longevity

SAS shoes are designed and constructed to last for years, even decades, with proper care. The upfront investment is high but can be cost-effective in the long run as you won’t need to replace them annually. This extreme longevity comes from both premium materials and expert craftsmanship.

Is SAS shoes a good brand?

Yes, SAS is considered an excellent shoe brand known for comfort, support, quality construction, and long-lasting durability using top-grade leathers.

Are SAS shoes good?

SAS shoes are regarded as very good, even great, shoes due to their comfort technologies, medical-grade support, premium materials, and reputation for high-end craftsmanship.

Are SAS shoes worth the price?

SAS shoes are worth the high price for those needing proper foot support or comfort as they deliver medical-grade relief and last for years with quality care, making them a cost-effective investment.

Where to buy SAS shoes?

SAS shoes are best purchased through their own branded retail stores for the full collection, though some authorized shoe stores and online retailers like Zappos also carry selections of SAS footwear.

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