Why Are Used Lexus So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

Used Lexuses are expensive because they have unparalleled reliability and durability, very low depreciation over time, and consistently high ratings for safety, comfort, driving dynamics, and standard features. This exceptional longevity, resale value, and satisfaction makes pre-owned Lexus models more desirable and pricey than other luxury vehicles.

When it comes to used luxury vehicles, few carry the high resale value of a Lexus. Even models that are 5-10 years old can come with a fairly hefty price tag. But why exactly are used Lexuses so much more expensive than other used cars? Well, there’s more to it than simple brand recognition.

Top 10 Reasons Why Are Used Lexus So Expensive

1. Low Depreciation

Your new car loses 10% or more of its value as soon as you drive off the lot. But Lexus holds value better than just about every other non-luxury automaker. After 3 years, Lexuses depreciate slower than rivals BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. And after 5-6 years, depreciation really starts to tapper off thanks to that famous long-term durability. So you’re getting back more money years later when it comes time to sell or trade-in.

2. Safety Credentials

Safety is another Lexus strong suit – they consistently lead luxury car sales when it comes to safety. Lexus SUVs sweep IIHS safety pick awards year after year. So you’re getting incredible passenger protection that holds up over time. Families looking at 5-10 year old used cars want that assurance, further driving up resale value.

3. Hybrid Power Trains

A major factor in sky-high gas prices is that hybrid systems hold value extraordinarily well. Lexus was early to hybrid luxury with vehicles like the RX 400h and LS 600hL. First-gen Prius hybrids still sell for good money with high miles – so just imagine pricier Lexus hybrids. The used market is willing to pay a premium for that fuel efficiency and proven hybrid tech.

4. High Levels of Comfort

From buttery-smooth rides to available massaging seats, few automakers can match Lexus comfort and cabins packed with amenities. It’s a big reason loyal owners keep vehicles for 15+ years. And buyers want that same long-haul comfort in used models, even those with six-figure mileages. It allows for high pricing of well-kept examples on used car lots.

5. Akio Toyoda’s Focus on Quality

When Akio Toyoda became CEO in 2009, he implemented Lexus’s obsessive attention to detail and luxury benchmarking processes across all Toyota vehicles. So even “ordinary” Toyotas saw major gains in cabin quality and driving dynamics. With trickle-down traits from the flagship Lexus brand, used Toyota prices also rose accordingly.

6. Sporty Driving Dynamics

Don’t let the supreme comfort fool you – Lexuses are surprisingly agile and responsive on twisty roads. Performance variants like the IS F and potent V8 models rival German sports sedans for grins per mile. So you’re essentially getting family luxury and precision handling in one package, which used buyers find quite appealing. This oozes down to standard models as well.

7. High Levels of Standard Equipment

Unlike German rivals, Lexus packs in advanced safety systems, cutting-edge infotainment and posh interiors even on base trims. This carries over to lightly-optioned used models, where you’re still getting extensive equipment that’s rare for base BMWs and Mercedes of the same vintage. More features for less money is part of the equation.

8. Precision Dealership Experience

Lexus dealerships offer exceptional service from sales to vehicle pickup. That white glove experience gives buyers confidence in the brand lasting for the long run – even when buying used. Coupled with complimentary loaner vehicles and free car washes, customers become lifelong Lexus devotees.

9. Brand Image

Sometimes it just comes down to prestigious nameplates commanding higher prices in general. And Lexus has cultivated an esteemed luxury image centered around long-term satisfaction. Even badge snobs see Lexus as a smart status symbol purchase over the long run. And used models let more economic buyers finally access that renown marque.

10. Unparalleled Reliability

Lexus consistently tops reliability and dependability surveys – it’s pretty much what they’re known for. These vehicles are over-engineered to last 15-20 years or more, even with high mileage. So while another luxury car might start experiencing expensive issues after 5 years, you can trust a 10 year old Lexus to keep running strong with basic maintenance. That exceptional longevity keeps resale value high.


IS used lexus A Good Brand?

Yes, Lexus is considered one of the most reliable and long-lasting luxury auto brands, with used models known for retaining excellent durability and performance even at high mileages.

Are used lexus Good?

Used Lexus vehicles remain a smart buy thanks to renowned reliability, lower maintenance costs than rivals, advanced safety systems, and luxurious cabins that stand the test of time.

Are used lexus Worth The Price?

Even at elevated pricing, used Lexus models offer exceptional value and peace of mind thanks to proven dependability, high resale value, and unmatched owner satisfaction over 15-20 year lifespans.

Where To Buy used lexus?

Well-maintained used Lexus vehicles can be found at official brand dealers which offer certified pre-owned programs, or through private sellers and reputable used car retailers advertising online.

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