Why Are Used Toyota Highlanders So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

Used Toyota Highlanders are expensive because of their renowned reliability and resale value, top safety ratings, family-friendly features, capable AWD and towing capacity, and limited supply in the used market. The Highlander's reputation for durability, Toyota's brand equity, and high demand from family and hybrid buyers also allow it to command a premium over other used midsize SUVs. Its all-around capabilities make the Highlander worth the higher price tag for many buyers.

When it comes time to buy a used family SUV, the Toyota Highlander is an incredibly popular choice. But potential buyers are often shocked when they see the higher-than-expected prices on used Highlander models, especially those that are just a few years old. What gives? Why are used Toyota Highlanders so much more expensive compared to other used midsize SUVs?

Top 10 Reasons Why Are Used Toyota Highlanders So Expensive

1. Strong Reliability Reputation

With a bulletproof reliability reputation, Toyota models like the Highlander retain more of their value in the used marketplace. The Highlander is known to easily reach 200,000+ miles with basic maintenance. This gives buyers confidence in higher mileage used models.

2. High Safety Ratings

Safety is paramount for family vehicles, and the Highlander consistently earns top safety picks and the maximum five-star crash test ratings. Parents trust its safety, boosting resale value.

3. Desirable Family Features

Equipped with 3 roomy rows, family essentials like rear entertainment screens and tons of storage, the functional Highlander builds in what families need. Supply is limited for these optimal family haulers.

4. Capable AWD and Towing

The Highlander’s available advanced all-wheel drive system gives it an edge in inclement weather and light trail driving. And its above-average max tow rating for the segment appeals to buyers’ lifestyle needs.

5. Powerful V6 Available

While the base 4-cylinder gets the job done, buyers drawn to available V6 engines keep demand high for these more powerful used models that hold value in turn.

6. Toyota’s Legendary Resale Value

Brand cachet plays a role as well. Toyotas famously retain the most value in the used market thanks to a reputation for longevity. The Highlander benefits from the brand’s halo effect.

7. High Initial Quality Scores

In respected quality studies like J.D. Power’s IQS, Toyota and the Highlander routinely rank at or near the top. This signals retained value and satisfaction among owners.

8. Low Inventory in Used Market

Beyond strong demand, tight supply also inflates used prices. There are just fewer Highlanders in the used market than key competitors, straining availability further for popular configurations and years.

9. Demand from Hybrid Shoppers

Since Toyota launched the innovative Highlander Hybrid in 2006, its excellent gas mileage and advanced tech have attracted interest beyond typical family buyer needs as well. This fringe demand elevates prices.

10. Geographical Price Differences

Used car prices can swing widely between regions. In places like the coasts where AWD and family practicality are valued, you’ll pay a premium for Highlanders that retains value after buyers move inland.


Is used Toyota Highlanders a good brand?

Yes, with renowned reliability and durability, strong safety ratings, and in-demand family features, used Toyota Highlanders are a great choice.

Are used Toyota Highlanders good?

Absolutely. Used Toyota Highlanders are highly regarded for their longevity, hold their value well, and feature useful AWD and cargo space families want.

Are used Toyota Highlanders worth the price?

Due to their excellent reputation and tight supply, used Toyota Highlanders have high resale values, but their reliability, safety, and functionality make them worth the premium cost.

Where to buy used Toyota Highlanders?

Used Toyota Highlanders can often be found at official Toyota dealerships which inspect and certify used models, as well as at major used car retailers, and sometimes directly from previous owners.

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