Why is Lacoste So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

Lacoste brand is expensive because of its longstanding heritage since 1933, use of premium materials and fabrics in clothing production, and focus on limited edition capsules, technical innovation, ethical manufacturing, celebrity following, careful distribution, iconic crocodile logo, community culture, and perception as a timeless lifestyle brand. With such strong foundations in history, quality, innovation, ethics and prestige, loyal Lacoste followers continue to be willing to pay higher prices to sport the iconic crocodile.

Lacoste – the little crocodile brand that is seen everywhere yet remains out of most people’s price range. Known for its iconic polo shirts and tennis wear, Lacoste commands premium pricing that often makes people wonder – why are Lacoste clothes so expensive anyway? Well, there are plenty of factors that contribute to the hefty Lacoste price tag. Let’s take a look at the top 10 reasons behind it!

Top 10 Reasons Why Lacoste is So Expensive

1. Brand Heritage & History

With roots tracing back to 1933 when tennis star Rene Lacoste partnered with Andre Gillier to produce the first Lacoste polo shirt, Lacoste has now built an iconic legacy spanning over 80 years. Its history and story contribute to the premium luxury branding that allows it to price its products high.

2. High Quality Fabrics & Materials

Lacoste places great emphasis on using only the finest fabrics, especially high grade pique cotton, in its clothing. These materials feel ultra soft yet durable, lending justification for the steeper costs.

3. Limited Edition Collections

Lacoste regularly releases special limited edition collections, whether in collaboration with other designers or inspired by themes. The exclusivity and limited production of these capsules drive desirability and prices up.

4. Innovation in Fabrics & Technology

Committed to technical innovation from its origins in developing the first short-sleeve pique polo shirt, Lacoste continues to pioneer advances like moisture control fabrics. State-of-the-art R&D allows premium pricing.

5. Ethical Manufacturing & Production

While mass produced fast fashion prioritizes low costs, Lacoste focuses more on ethical manufacturing through practices like fair wages and restricted outsourcing. This moral production also raises prices.

6. High Profile & Famous Followers

Lacoste’s iconic status has attracted huge celebrity followings over the decades from Andy Roddick to John F. Kennedy. The brand cachet this star power lends allows a reputation as a premium label.

7. Careful Retailing & Distribution Strategy

Rather than flooding the market, Lacoste retailing relies on careful selection of store locations and distribution partners. Controlled supply allows the brand to keep prices high to match demand.

8. Crocodile Logo Heritage

The famous Lacoste crocodile logo representing founder Rene Lacoste’s nickname “Le Crocodile” contributes tremendous brand recognition and value as an icon, justifying higher prices.

9. Club Culture & Brand Community

Lacoste fosters a culture and community among its followers through initiatives like Lacoste Club parties and tournaments. This culture bolsters brand loyalty and prestige, supporting premium price points.

10. Perception of Products Being Timeless

With classic styles like polos and tennis shirts that have endured decades, Lacoste cultivates a timeless quality. This perception of longevity means customers are willing to pay more for pieces they can wear for years.

Is Lacoste a good brand?

Yes, Lacoste is considered a good luxury brand due to its long heritage since 1933, reputable founders, high quality fabrics, innovative technology, ethical manufacturing, and iconic status with celebrity followings and loyal brand community.

Are Lacoste Products good?

Lacoste is regarded as a good brand for its premium materials, versatile and timeless polo shirt designs, technical innovation in moisture control fabrics, restricted outsourcing for ethical production, and durable construction that makes pieces long-lasting.

Are Lacoste Products worth the price?

With factors like legacy, quality materials, limited editions, ethical manufacturing and enduring classic style contributing to Lacoste’s higher pricing, most followers consider the iconic crocodile brand well worth the investment.

Where to buy Lacoste Products?

Lacoste clothing and accessories can be purchased directly through Lacoste boutiques and online store, or via select department stores and specialty retailers that distribute the brand worldwide.

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