Why Are Away Bags So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

Away bags are expensive because they are made with durable materials like polycarbonate shells and high-quality Hinomoto wheels, thoroughly tested to survive travel, and backed by generous warranties. They also invest heavily in research and development, customer service, and building an aspirational brand - all factors that contribute to their luxury price point. Away creates luggage made to last, though buyers pay a premium.

When it comes to luggage, Away bags seem to come with a hefty price tag. You may have seen their sleek suitcases while scrolling Instagram or noticed influencers touting them as essentials for jetsetting. But with prices ranging from $225 to $295 for their core line of carry-ons, duffles, and checked bags, you might be wondering – why exactly are Away bags so expensive?

Well, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The team at Away set out to create luxury-quality luggage that could stand up to frequent travel. After spending years developing their patented polycarbonate shells, multi-directional wheels, interchangeable batteries, and other key components, they emerged with thoughtfully designed bags to address common travel problems. And those innovative features and rigorous testing add to the costs.

Top 10 Reasons Why Are Away Bags So Expensive

1. They Use Nearly Unbreakable Polycarbonate Shells

Rather than flimsy fabrics, Away bags have hard shells made of polycarbonate, an extremely durable plastic. It’s the same stuff used in bulletproof glass! Away developed their own compression molding process allowing them to create shells with sleek, seamless designs.

This advanced production method is far more costly than using common injection molding techniques. But the result is a nearly unbreakable exterior ready to withstand even the roughest baggage handlers.

2. Their Multi-Directional Wheels Are Engineered for Smooth Rolling

Away traded the standard two wheels for four rotating Hinomoto wheels engineered specifically for carry-ons. The unique design allows their suitcases to glide effortlessly in any direction—no more clunky catching as you hustle through the airport!

Precision-made in Japan, these high-quality wheels contain reinforced axles and zinc alloy cores. Along with custom telescoping handles, it’s a rolling experience unmatched by cheaper bags.

3. They Splurge on Luxury Hardware and Accessories

From custom metal zippers to the leather luggage tag, Away uses upscale finishes to elevate their bags. For special collections like their new line of leather bags, they source premium Italian hides from generations-old tanneries.

And their proprietary TSA-approved combination locks come in an array of snazzy hues. Every detail down to the fabric lining has been thoughtful curated with both aesthetics and functionality in mind.

4. You’re Paying For Rigorous Quality Testing

From drop tests to climate simulations, Away puts their luggage through a gauntlet of trials to guarantee it can survive transit’s toughest tribulations. On average, their engineers drop loaded bags over 15,000 times from 3 feet high before approving a single design!

So while you may wince at that $275 price tag, rest assured the bag has endured far worse 21,000 times already. Pretty impressive QA when you consider most brands do minimal testing.

5. Their Bags Are Backed By A Generous Warranty

One concern with pricy luggage is getting stuck a lemon. But Away offers a 100-day trial period plus a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. If any issues arise due to manufacturing flaws, they’ll happily repair or replace your bag free of charge.

For an extra fee, you can purchase their Away Plus program which covers damage from airlines or other accidents. When investing in a high-quality suitcase, a solid warranty provides peace of mind.

6. They Invest Heavily In Product Research & Development

Bringing innovative luggage concepts like their battery-charging suitcases required serious upfront investments into R&D. The Away team worked extensively with manufacturing partners across the globe to engineer unique products from scratch. They even built an in-house laboratory to test prototypes.

All that research requires major capital – costs ultimately passed onto consumers. But those dollars funded the development of revolutionary features you won’t find on cheaper brands.

7. Their Overhead Costs Are Relatively High

As a leading luggage startup aiming to disrupt the market, Away faces expenses uncommon for established brands. From securing patents to funding marketing campaigns, every stage of their business carries considerable costs.

And with stores in trendy districts across six countries, their retail overhead continues climbing. While incumbents can cut corners to reduce prices, newer brands need healthy margins to cover operational expenses as they scale.

8. They Splurge On Stylish Branding & Packaging

Part of the luxury experience includes upscale packaging you’ll be proud to unwrap. Away skips boring brown boxes in favor of sleek white containers with subtle branding. The unboxing experience offers a hint of the modern elegance you can expect from their bags.

And their signature canvas luggage bags lend an air of sophistication while protecting your investment. From tags to tissue paper, branding is never an afterthought. And those designer details contribute to the higher prices compared to no-frills options.

9. The Direct-To-Consumer Model Has Its Downsides

By selling directly to consumers online, Away keeps their markup reasonable compared to traditional retailers. But the direct-to-consumer model has some tangible drawbacks. Inventory management and order fulfillment processes through centralized warehouses lack the economies of scale major luggage brands enjoy.

And providing white-glove shipping services and exceptional customer support requires significant investments. While DTC e-commerce streamlines sales, the operational costs per bag sold are inherently higher.

10. You’re Paying For Top-Notch Customer Service

Away proudly stands behind their products with real human support teams ready to promptly assist customers. Whether you need help ordering, planning your packing list, or addressing problems, their Customer Experience squad has your back.

And if an issue arises mid-journey, Away will overnight a replacement bag so you’re not left luggage-less. Few luggage companies offer that level of service. But providing personalized care for every customer gets expensive – especially as the company grows. So that world-class support adds to the price.

Is Away a good brand?

Yes, Away is known for high-quality luggage featuring durable shells, smooth-gliding wheels, removable batteries, and thoughtful design with elevated style.

Are Away bags good?

Away bags are exceptionally well-made with innovative features like unbreakable polycarbonate shells, multi-directional wheels, TSA-locks, and options to charge devices.

Are Away bags worth the price?

For frequent travelers who want luggage built to last with versatile functionality, Away bags warrant their higher cost compared to average brands.

Where to buy Away bags?

You can purchase Away directly through their website or mobile app, at their retail stores located in select cities, or from certain third-party retailers like Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s.

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