Why Are Stasher Bags So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

Stasher bags are expensive because they are made from high-quality platinum silicone, have an innovative airtight seal and steam vent, and are designed to be reusable and multifunctional for years to come. The premium materials and versatility make the investment in Stasher bags worthwhile.

Stasher bags have become a popular reusable storage bag option in recent years. Made from platinum-grade silicone, Stasher bags provide an airtight seal and can be used to store and cook food. However, Stasher bags come at a premium price point – often retailing for $12 or more per bag. This leads many people to wonder – why are Stasher bags so expensive? Here are the top 10 reasons behind the high price tag of Stasher reusable storage bags:

Top 10 Reasons Why Are Stasher Bags So Expensive

1. High-Quality Materials

Stasher bags are made from 100% pure platinum silicone – the highest grade silicone available. This medical-grade material is free from BPA, PVC, latex and other toxic chemicals. The thickness and durability of the silicone allows Stasher bags to be freezer, microwave, dishwasher and oven safe up to 400°F. The material quality ensures the bags can handle regular wear and tear.

2. Superior Airtight Seal

The pinch-lock seal on Stasher bags provides an airtight closure that keeps food fresh. This seal is designed to be air-tight, liquid-tight and leak proof, keeping food preserved longer. The pinch-lock also stands upright to keep contents visible.

3. Innovative Steam Vent

Stasher bags feature a one-of-a-kind steam vent that allows you to microwave and sous vide with the bags. The pinch-lock seal stays closed while the vent lets excess steam escape. This smart vent technology makes Stasher bags even more versatile.

4. Variety of Sizes

Stasher bags come in a range of sizes from a 1/2 cup mini bag up to a huge 1 gallon bag. With over 10 size options, you can find the perfect Stasher bag for snacks, sandwiches, produce, bulk items, sous vide and more.

5. Bold, Stylish Colors

Unlike clear plastic bags, Stasher bags come in lively hues like Flamingo Pink, Sunshine Yellow and Deep Purple. The bold colors help contents stand out in your pantry or fridge. Stasher bags are designed with style in mind.

6. Made in the USA

Stasher bags are proudly made in the USA at a family-owned facility in San Francisco, CA. By keeping manufacturing in the US, Stasher can closely monitor production quality. The bags are not mass produced overseas to cut costs.

7. Multifunctional Uses

From sous vide cooking to packing lunch to storing leftovers, Stasher bags are exceptionally versatile. Their airtight seal locks in flavor and freshness no matter how you use them. Stasher bags can even be used as reusable ice packs.

8. Environmentally Friendly

Stasher bags provide a reusable alternative to single-use plastic baggies. By replacing throw-away bags with Stasher silicone bags that last for years, you greatly reduce plastic waste. Stasher bags are also safe for the microwave and dishwasher.

9. Temperature Resistant

The high-grade silicone construction allows Stasher bags to withstand temperature extremes from -40 up to 400°F. Freeze them, boil them or even run them through the autoclave – Stasher bags won’t crack or deteriorate.

10. Lifetime of Use

With proper care, Stasher bags can be reused over and over for many years. Unlike flimsy disposable bags, Stasher bags are a long-term investment designed to provide a lifetime of use. The bags come with a 100 year warranty – an indicator of their durability.

Is stasher bags a good brand?

Yes, Stasher is a reputable brand known for its high-quality silicone bags that are durable, versatile and eco-friendly.

Are stasher bags good?

Stasher bags are exceptionally good due to their food-safe platinum silicone material, airtight seal, ability to withstand extreme temperatures, and versatility.

Are stasher bags worth the price?

Yes, Stasher bags are worth the investment because they are built to last for years, eliminate waste from disposable bags, and greatly improve food storage and cooking.

Where to buy stasher bags?

Stasher bags can be purchased directly from the Stasher website, Amazon, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sur La Table, and other major retailers that sell kitchen accessories.

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