Why Are Ecco Shoes So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

Ecco shoes are expensive because they use premium materials, comfort technologies, skilled craftsmanship, strict quality control, and modern production methods to create their luxury footwear.

Ecco shoes have developed a reputation for being some of the most expensive shoes on the market. While the average pair of sneakers costs around $50-100, Ecco shoes often retail for $150-300. For some shoe models like their golf shoes or dress shoes, prices can even exceed $500. This naturally leaves many shoppers wondering – why exactly are Ecco shoes so expensive?

Top 10 Reasons Why Ecco Shoes Are So Expensive

1. Premium Leathers & Materials

Ecco uses high quality leathers and materials that are more expensive compared to other brands. Their leathers come from reputable tanneries in Europe, with each hide going through rigorous inspection.

Other materials like textiles and suedes are also carefully selected for softness and durability. The better raw materials naturally drive up costs from the start.

2. Comfort Technologies

Ecco shoes feature patented comfort technologies like removable insoles, shock absorption, and flexible soles. Developing these innovative comfort systems requires significant investment in research and development.

The costs of designing, testing, and obtaining patents for the proprietary technologies contribute to the higher prices.

3. Skilled Craftsmanship

Experienced shoemakers handcraft each Ecco shoe in their factories. The skilled labor and attention to detail necessary to assemble Ecco shoes add to costs.

Their shoemakers are trained for years to learn the specialized production techniques Ecco is known for The craftsmanship invested in the construction also elevates Ecco shoes above mass produced footwear.

4. Made in Europe

Ecco maintains production in Europe rather than outsourcing to Asia for cheaper labor. While outsourcing reduces costs, Ecco prioritizes quality control by keeping production in their own advanced factories.

The higher wages paid to European workers compared to Asia impacts the pricing. However, the made in Europe appeal allows Ecco to justify charging premium prices.

5. Strict Quality Control

Ecco has extremely rigorous quality control standards. Defective shoes get discarded rather than sold at discount. This attention to quality raises costs due to higher discard rates and more inspection steps.

However, it also bolsters the perception and reality of Ecco as a premium brand that refuses to compromise comfort or durability. The quality control makes the elevated pricing worthwhile to customers.

6. Advanced Direct Injection Technology

Ecco utilizes advanced direct injection technology to mold the soles rather than gluing parts together. This innovative method streamlines production for lightweight and flexible soles.

However, developing and implementing the direct injection process requires major upfront investment in R&D and machinery. The returns on utilizing advanced technologies justify the higher retail pricing.

7. Minimalist Design Aesthetic

The minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic of Ecco shoes appeals to luxury shoppers. However, functionally simple designs still require thoughtful engineering and testing to execute.

Ecco invests resources into achieving the clean, modern look through patented LAST technology for molding shoe lasts. The desired aesthetic aligns Ecco with premium brands and helps rationalize the higher costs.

8. Niche Target Markets

Ecco aims to be the top performance shoe for niche markets like golf, hiking, and occupational footwear. Developing shoes tailored for specialty uses requires expertise and innovation to excel.

The R&D expenditures needed for unmatched performance in those niches pushes up costs. But the standout performance justifies why Ecco can charge more than general athletic brands.

9. Premium Brand Positioning

Ecco strategically positions itself as a premium brand to justify higher pricing. From its Scandinavian roots to sponsoring high profile golf events, Ecco cultivates an elite brand image.

While the prestige brand positioning does not directly raise manufacturing costs, it enables Ecco to command above-average retail prices. Consumers respond by equating the elevated prices with the perceived prestige of owning Ecco shoes.

10. Markups by Retailers

Lastly, the retail markup by third party shoe stores also factors into the expensive street prices. As a premium brand, Ecco sells to retailers at wholesale prices normally around 50% of MSRP.

From there, stores apply their own markup, typically 100-200% above wholesale. So the retail markup by middlemen contributes to the sky high prices consumers ultimately pay.

IS Ecco A Good Shoe Brand?

Yes, Ecco is considered a good quality shoe brand due to their comfortable fit, durable leathers and materials, and innovative comfort technologies. Their shoes consistently receive positive reviews.

Are Ecco Shoes Good?

Ecco shoes are known for being exceptionally comfortable and supportive, thanks to features like soft leathers, padded insoles, flexible soles, and advanced shock absorption systems. Their designs and craftsmanship enable all-day wear.

Are Ecco Shoes Worth The Price?

For those willing to invest in comfortable, well-made shoes built to last, Ecco shoes are worth the price. The high-end materials and construction justify the luxury pricing for shoes that hold up well over time.

Where To Buy Ecco Shoes?

Ecco shoes can be purchased directly through their website or brand stores. They are also carried by high-end department stores like Nordstrom, specialty shoe stores like DSW, and retailers like Amazon and Zappos.

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