Why Are Munro Shoes So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

Munro shoes are expensive because they are handcrafted from high quality leathers and materials, manufactured domestically in small batches, utilize patented comfort technologies, employ skilled craftspeople, and focus on providing exceptional customer service along with classic, long-lasting styles.

Munro shoes have developed a reputation for being some of the most expensive women’s shoes on the market. With price tags often over $100 or even $200 for a single pair, many people wonder what makes these shoes so costly. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 reasons why Munro shoes come with such a hefty price tag.

Top 10 Reasons Why Munro Shoes So Expensive

1. Handcrafted Construction

One of the biggest factors behind Munro’s high prices is that each pair is handcrafted. Munro shoes are made in their factory in Hot Springs, Arkansas using traditional shoemaking methods.

Each pair takes over 100 steps to construct and up to 8 weeks to complete. With skilled craftspeople putting care and attention into every shoe, this labor-intensive process understandably drives up costs.

2. High Quality Materials

Munro uses only premium leathers and materials in their shoes. Full grain and nubuck leathers from reputable tanneries in France, Italy, Spain, and Brazil are hand-selected for each style.

These leathers are thicker and more durable than cheaper corrected grain leathers, but they cost more. Inside each pair is a leather or latex cork footbed to provide arch support and shock absorption. The soles are made of high-density latex or rubber for flexibility and traction.

3. Comfort Technology

In addition to quality materials, Munro shoes feature patented comfort technology. Their shoes have extra padding at pressure points, removable footbeds, and lightweight foam midsoles.

Some designs have a multi-layer construction that allows the shoes to conform to your foot for a custom fit. This technology improves comfort, but also adds to the production expenses.

4. Timeless Styles

Rather than trendy designs, Munro focuses on timeless, classic styles of shoes made to last. Their shoes feature stylish but simple silhouettes like loafers, oxfords, pumps, and sandals.

By not needing to re-design lines each season to follow fleeting trends, Munro saves money on production costs. However, classic styles remain pricier than seasonal fashions.

5. Limited Production

Since each Munro shoe is handmade, production is smaller than mass-produced brands. Munro limits each style to runs of 500-1000 pairs to focus on quality over quantity. Producing fewer shoes raises overall costs.

Limited availability also makes the shoes more exclusive, which allows Munro to command higher prices.

6. Minimal Advertising

Rather than spending big budgets on advertising, Munro relies on word-of-mouth and loyal customers. Without flashy marketing campaigns and celebrity endorsements driving up their overhead.

Munro is able to focus budgets on shoe quality and craftsmanship. But the trade-off is lower brand awareness and the need to charge more to remain profitable.

7. Specialty Retailers

Munro sells their shoes through upscale specialty boutiques rather than large national chains. These small retailers provide personalized service and focus exclusively on luxury shoes.

But selling through hundreds of independent stores means Munro cannot achieve the manufacturing volumes or discounts of bigger name brands. These distribution costs get incorporated into pricing.

8. American-Made

While most shoes today are imported, Munro still manufactures all their shoes domestically in Arkansas. Keeping production in the USA ensures quality control and ethical labor practices.

However, domestic manufacturing results in higher labor and production costs compared to outsourcing overseas. So “Made in USA” quality comes at a price.

9. Narrow Focus

Unlike giants like Nike, Munro dedicates their brand solely to women’s footwear. This niche focus allows them to pour all their efforts into crafting the perfect shoes for women’s feet.

But lacking other product lines means Munro cannot spread out their costs across broader sales. Concentrating on a narrow market requires higher prices.

10. Customer Service

Providing exceptional customer service is a priority for Munro. Their shoes come with a 30-day trial period and they handle repairs and resoling.

Maintaining a dedicated US-based customer service staff and offering generous policies has overhead expenses that get built into pricing. But customers are willing to pay more knowing they’ll be taken care of.

Is Munro a good shoe brand?

Yes, Munro is considered an excellent shoe brand due to their handcrafted construction, premium materials, patented comfort technologies, classic and durable styles, and long-standing reputation for fit, quality, and craftsmanship.

Are Munro shoes good?

Munro shoes are renowned for being exceptionally comfortable yet stylish, made from high-quality leathers and materials, and featuring patented designs to provide custom fit, support, and cushioning.

Are Munro shoes worth the price?

With their handcrafted quality, fine materials, skillful manufacturing, and lasting comfort, most customers find Munro shoes well worth their higher prices and feel the shoes deliver lasting value.

Where to buy Munro shoes?

Munro shoes are available online through the Munro website as well as through select upscale specialty boutiques and shoe stores that carry luxury women’s footwear brands.

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