Why Are Ford Mavericks So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

Ford Mavericks are expensive because high demand and low supply allow dealers to charge markups, mandatory option packages raise the base price, and it remains the most affordable new pickup compared to larger trucks. Factors like desirable features, lack of negotiation power, third-party resellers, and prioritized production of higher trims also contribute to rising costs.

The new Ford Maverick has been making waves as an affordable, fuel-efficient compact pickup truck, starting around $20,000. But lately, some buyers have noticed Maverick prices creeping higher with certain models going for well over MSRP. Why are Ford Mavericks getting so pricey? Turns out, it’s a combination of factors.

Top 10 Reasons Why Are Ford Mavericks So Expensive

1. High Demand

The Maverick has proven wildly popular, drawing in buyers who want a small pickup but don’t need or can’t afford something like an F-150. With demand outpacing supply, dealers are bumping up markups.

2. Lack of Supply

Speaking of supply issues, production constraints due to part shortages aren’t helping. Ford can’t churn out Mavericks fast enough right now, again allowing dealers to charge over sticker price knowing inventory is scarce.

3. Desirable Options & Trims

Part of the appeal of the Maverick is its wide range of customizable options, accessories, and trim upgrades. When buyers load their truck up with options or choose one of the more premium trims, the price tag quickly climbs.

4. Market Conditions

In general, vehicle prices are up across the board right now, amidst lingering supply chain challenges and pent-up buyer demand as the economy rebounds post-lockdowns. The Maverick hasn’t been immune to overall market trends.

5. Dealer Markups

As noted, many Ford dealers are slapping on optional markups. For a hot seller like the Maverick with constrained inventory, significant dealer markups of thousands to even tens of thousands of dollars are becoming more common.

6. Lack of Negotiation Power

Low supply also means prospective buyers lack negotiating leverage. Dealers know the trucks will sell even with markups and additional fees, reducing incentives to cut buyers a deal.

7. Third Party Resellers

Limited supply has led to some buyers purchasing trucks just to resell them for a profit. These resellers—and the extra hop in ownership—drive prices up even further.

8. Higher Trims First

Ford prioritized production of the two higher trims first—the mid-XLT and top Lariat. These cost more than the base XL right off the dealer lot. Until more low-end XL models hit the market, average prices skew higher.

9. Mandatory Options Packages

Just wanting a basic XL with few bells or whistles? Too bad—Ford made some key options packages mandatory even on base models, automatically increasing the starting price on XL trucks.

10. It’s Still the Cheapest New Pickup

Despite rising prices, the Maverick still comes in at far less than other new pickups. That means Ford can get away with light increases, while still undercutting competitors. For truck buyers on a budget, the Maverick may be expensive—but remains their most affordable option.


Is Ford Mavericks a good brand?

Yes, Ford Mavericks are a reliable new compact pickup offering great fuel efficiency and utility at an affordable price compared to larger trucks.

Are Ford Mavericks good?

With ample standard features, customizable options, high fuel economy and hauling ability in a small package, Ford Mavericks are practical, capable trucks good for personal and work use.

Are Ford Mavericks worth the price?

Though rising in cost, Ford Mavericks offer unbeatable value compared to bigger pickups, so they can be worth paying extra for efficiency, size and savings over larger trucks.

Where to buy Ford Mavericks?

Due to high demand and low supply, finding Ford Mavericks requires persistence—check dealer lots regularly and don’t rule out custom orders which may take months for more color and feature flexibility.

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