Why Are On Cloud Shoes So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

On Cloud shoes have exploded in popularity in recent years, becoming one of the most coveted athletic shoe brands on the market. With their unique cushioned soles and sleek designs, it’s easy to see why these running shoes are so sought after.

However, their premium quality comes at a steep price, leaving many wondering – why exactly are On Cloud shoes so expensive?

TOP 10 REASONS WHY Cloud Shoes So Expensive

1. Patented CloudTec Cushioning System

The hallmark of On Cloud shoes is their patented CloudTec cushioning system located in the sole. This unique technology features individual cloud pods designed to provide soft cushioning and bounce, allowing for an ultra-smooth run. Creating this advanced cushioning system requires intensive research and development, both of which significantly drive up costs.

2. High-Quality Materials

On Cloud shoes are constructed from top-tier materials designed for both comfort and durability. The uppers are made from breathable mesh or microfiber fabrics that comfortably conform to the foot.

The outsoles utilize high-abrasion rubber that can withstand hundreds of miles of use without wearing down. Only premium materials are used in On Cloud shoes, directly translating to a premium price tag.

3. Limited Production Runs

Unlike major brands that mass produce athletic shoes, On relies on limited production runs to create exclusivity and ensure quality. Producing shoes in smaller batches allows for greater attention to detail and consistency, but limits supply, making them a coveted commodity. Limited availability lets the brand retain higher prices.

4. Innovative Company Culture

On was founded in Switzerland with the goal of revolutionizing running shoe design. The company culture centers around constant innovation, seen in their continuous enhancements of the CloudTec system with each new shoe model.

Developing groundbreaking technologies and designs requires significant investment in research, designers, and developers – all costs factored into the retail price.

5. Strategic Marketing

On uses smart marketing tactics to promote their shoes as must-have running gear. The brand has partnered with world-class athletes like Roger Federer to boost their high-performance image.

Limited edition collaborations with hype brands generate buzz and demand. Effective marketing is expensive, especially for a smaller company like On, again impacting retail pricing.

6. Premium Retail Partners

Rather than selling through discount big box stores, On Cloud shoes are primarily sold through premium shoe retailers and specialty running stores.

These retailers provide better customer service and support, but also drive up costs with higher merchandise margins built into the shoe price.

7. Comparable Shoe Technology

The technology in On Cloud shoes is comparable to other premium athletic shoe brands like Brooks, Saucony, and Hoka. These brands also sell innovative shoes at $150 and up.

On is priced similarly because its trademarked cushioning system delivers an elite running experience on par with the competition.

8. Hand Crafted Construction

While parts of the shoe are mass produced, every pair also goes through hand crafted construction to ensure perfect alignment, cushioning, and comfort.

This human attention to detail during assembly and inspection adds to the time and labor costs associated with each pair.

9. Small Company Scale

In contrast to massive corporations like Nike and Adidas, On is still a relatively small company. Without the benefits of huge production scale and established infrastructure, overhead costs are higher per shoe produced. These elevated costs get incorporated into the retail pricing.

10. Swiss Made Engineering

On Cloud shoes are engineered and developed at the brand’s headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. Products made with Swiss precision engineering are world-renowned for high performance and quality, but also carry higher production costs.

From designers to advanced machinery, making shoes in Switzerland factors into the price.

Is On Cloud a good shoe brand?

Yes, On Cloud is considered a top athletic shoe brand due to their innovative CloudTec cushioning system, high-quality materials, and sleek Swiss engineered designs.

Are On Cloud shoes good?

On Cloud shoes are known for their exceptional cushioning and energy return which provide a comfortable, smooth run, so they are an excellent option for runners and athletes.

Are On Cloud shoes worth the price?

For those seeking a well-cushioned, high-performance running shoe, On Cloud’s premium features and technologies do make them worth the investment.

Where to buy On Cloud shoes?

On Cloud shoes can be purchased directly through their website or at select specialty running and shoe retailers like Road Runner Sports and Fleet Feet. Limited editions sell out quickly.

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