Why is Amiri So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

When it comes to high-end streetwear brands, Amiri stands out for its sky-high prices. An Amiri graphic t-shirt can easily cost over $300, while its signature distressed denim jeans bear four-figure price tags. But why exactly is this L.A.-based label so gosh darn expensive? Let’s count down the top 10 reasons.

Top 10 Reasons Why is Amiri So Expensive

1. The fabrics and materials used are premium and rare

Amiri sources luxe materials like Italian velvet, supple lambskin leather, and the finest denims from Japan. These textiles are exceptionally high-quality yet produced in smaller batches, making them pricier per yard.

The brand also uses real snake, ostrich, and alligator skins for its shoes and accessories.

2. The distressing processes are unique and complex

Creating Amiri’s distinctive distressed and ripped garments takes special skills and techniques. Teams of wash experts use tools like hand scrape stones and sand them down perfectly.

The tearing effect is based on the natural wear and tear of actual vintage jeans. It’s a labor-intensive process to achieve that lived-in look.

3. The clothing incorporates intricate embellishments and hardware

Much of the brand’s clothing features ornate embroidery, beading, patchwork, custom buttons and zippers, metal grommets, and other embellishments. For example, their famous crystal-embellished trucker jackets take inspiration from the rhinestone jackets of the 80s and 90s. Adding all these artisanal touches raises costs.

4. Everything is made in very limited quantities

Unlike fast fashion brands churning out thousands of identical garments, Amiri produces very small batches of each piece. With such capped production runs, they can focus more on the quality of construction.

But it also turns their clothing into high-demand limited edition drops.

5. Significant attention is paid to fit and silhouette

Amiri designers obsess over the proportions, drape, and overall silhouette of each garment to make them ultra-flattering. It’s not about quickly throwing fabrics together.

Everything from the placement of pockets, buttons, and seams to the break of a hem is carefully considered to achieve that perfect laidback style.

6. Celebrity connections drive up desirability

Spotted on leading men like Justin Bieber, Lebron James, and Travis Scott, Amiri has a high-profile celebrity fanbase. Seeing it on the backs of the world’s biggest influencers, stylists, and musicians establishes the brand as an elite marker of status.

This celebrity association dramatically fuels demand.

7. Distribution is exclusive even within luxury stores

Although now carried by luxury retailers like Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, and Ssense, Amiri still strictly controls its distribution channels to protect brand positioning. Even within these stores, it’s one of the most tightly managed labels.

You’re unlikely to find across-the-board discounts or flash sale promotions. Limited access keeps desirability high.

8. Founder Mike Amiri previously designed for luxury mega-brands

As a former Director of Denim Design at Roberto Cavalli and Creative Director at Citizens of Humanity, founder Mike Amiri sharpened his skills working for premier fashion houses.

He knows exactly how to create that elusive balance of quality materials, detailed construction, and intangible luxury essence —backed by serious fashion world credentials.

9. Extensive research and development goes into each collection

Mike Amiri and team spend months visiting vintage dealers, miners, and craftspeople globally to source materials and techniques for every collection drop. Whether it’s developing custom washed denims with cult Japanese laundries or sourcing cast metal grommets from American heritage brands, their R&D is intensive for a young brand.

10. It’s viewed as highly collectible fashion

Like with limited edition sneakers, Amiri fans obsess over scoring certain rare pieces with unusual washes, embroideries or embellishments. New drops sell out instantly, feeding the hunger for these collectibles.

With items resold for exponentially more secondhand, the original prices become validated through their covetability.

Is amiri a good brand?

Yes, Amiri is considered an exceptionally good luxury streetwear brand known for using top quality materials, intricate detailing, and complex hand-crafted processes that justify the higher prices.

Are amiri Products good?

With its focus on premium fabrics, unique washes, and flattering tailored fits, Amiri makes high-end yet wearable clothing well-worth the cost for fans of luxury streetstyle.

Are amiri Products worth the price?

For those who value well-constructed clothing with fine details, collectible limited editions, and status symbol cachet, Amiri’s sky-high pricing is worth the investment.

Where to buy amiri Products?

Amiri is stocked at high-end luxury retailers like Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Ssense, and Farfetch with very limited distribution and caps on discounts to retain prestige value.

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