Why is Herman Miller Brand So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

Herman Miller furniture commands premium pricing due to the brand's 100-year history of high quality, influential designs; their use of cutting edge materials and technology to maximize health and performance; and their made-to-order production with heavy customization, strong warranties, and reputation as status symbols.

When it comes to high-end office furniture, Herman Miller is one of the most well-known and coveted brands. From their iconic Aeron chair to their elegant Eames lounge chair and ottoman, Herman Miller’s products command eye-watering price tags. But why exactly are these chairs, desks, and other furnishings so dang expensive? Let’s break it down.

Top 10 Reasons Why is Herman Miller Brand So Expensive

1. Their History of High-Quality & Influential Designs Spanning Over 100 Years

Herman Miller has over 100 years of experience innovating in modern furniture design since they were founded in 1905. Working with world-renowned designers like Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson, and Isamu Noguchi over their long history has allowed Herman Miller to be at the forefront in both materials and aesthetics in the furniture world. This legacy of high-design sets buyer expectations high.

2. Their Furnishings Utilize Cutting-Edge Technology and Materials

From the proprietary Pixelated Support technology in the Embody chair to the high-grade aluminum and elastomer suspension material in Aeron, Herman Miller employs extensive R&D with physicians and engineers to integrate the latest science into improving posture, circulation, comfort and other health metrics critical for optimal function during long work days. This precision engineering doesn’t come cheap.

3. Most Products Are Made to Order & Heavily Customizable

Rather than mass assembly-line construction, the majority of Herman Miller products are made-to-order based on customization selections made for materials, sizes, finishes, and features to ensure the piece will perfectly fit the customer and their unique workspace.

This creates a bespoke furniture buying experience that demands premium dollar.

4. Their Green Eco-Friendly Production Standards Contribute to Higher Costs

As an environmentally conscious company, Herman Miller utilizes green manufacturing practices like renewable energy in production facilities and integrates a variety of recycled materials into their furnishings – all of which reduce environmental impact but increase production expenses.

They also offer trade-in and recycling programs for older furniture units.

5. Strong Warranties & Quality Testing During & After Production Drives Upfront Pricing

Herman Miller stands firmly behind the durability and lifespan of their products, offering 5+ year warranties on many furnishings and 12-year warranties on some of their most popular chairs.

This confidence comes from rigorous stress testing and use simulations done on prototypes well exceeding normal expected pressures. These warranty periods are vastly longer than industry standard, evidenced in their buy-it-for-life pricing.

6. Many Pieces Are Considered “Investments” That Appreciate in Value Over Time

Unlike most furniture that depreciates in valuation, some Herman Miller products – like the Eames lounge chair and Noguchi table – actually gain value as art-furniture collectibles.

Similar to fine artworks, these investment-grade designs start at higher retail points and increase further in later sales because of their unique, groundbreaking aesthetics cemented in history.

7. Their Dealings with Licensed High-End Retailers Inflates Price Tags

Herman Miller is selective in which brick-and-mortar and online merchants are approved to sell their products, favoring upscale retailers known for carrying premium home, office, and commercial furnishings.

These dealers generally cater to luxury buyers and come with higher overhead – factors that raise the final sticker price by the time it reaches the consumer.

8. Ongoing R&D Into Emerging Technologies & Materials Necessitates Higher Prices

As a future-focused company, Herman Miller is continually researching the latest advancements in things like sustainable chemistry, data/AI capabilities, 3D knitting, robotics, augmented reality visualization tools and more to imagine the next generation of intelligent furnishings.

Developing these innovative concepts and first-use materials adds to the bottom line.

9. – Strong Resale Market for Used Herman Miller Products Enables Higher Asking Prices

The high interest in pre-owned Herman Miller chairs and furnishings – which retain their value and sell briskly on secondary sites – allows sellers of new products to keep prices high.

When buyers know they can potentially recoup 50-80% original value reselling a used Aeron or Sayl chair in good condition, it eases the initial payment pinch.

10. Their Brand Recognition & Reputation for High Quality, Status Pieces Drives Perceived Value

When you see the Herman Miller name, you immediately equate it with elite design, technical innovation and prestige. Similar to luxury vehicles, buyers are willing to pay more solely because of brand clout and what displaying that brand conveys about the owner’s style status.

The gravitas and reputation the brand has built over decades allows them to demand higher prices.

IS herman miller A Good Brand?

Yes, Herman Miller is considered an exceptional, top-tier furniture brand known for pioneering modern designs, utilizing advanced technology/materials for ergonomic support, and crafting long-lasting, quality products.

Are herman miller Furnitures Good?

Herman Miller furniture is renowned for good quality, emphasizing custom comfort, aesthetic beauty, environmental sustainability, versatility, and intended longevity of use – though the high costs make them prohibitive for some buyers.

Are herman miller Products Worth The Price?

For those that value design history, customized support, environmentally responsible production, accompanying warranty programs, and pride of ownership, Herman Miller products can justify premium price tags as sound investments.

Where To Buy herman miller Products?

Herman Miller furnishings are available through the company’s approved elite retailers found on their website, including Design Within Reach, Hive Modern, and Herman Miller’s network of authorized dealers in metropolitan areas.

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