Why is Rick Owens So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

Rick Owens pieces are expensive because he uses exceptional high-quality materials, produces clothing in limited quantities in Italy for unparalleled artistry and craftsmanship, and pours money into progressive ethical production methods and cutting-edge avant-garde designs that defy convention. His couture-level quality and carefully cultivated brand image as a luxury fashion house also allow him to charge premium prices that customers willingly pay for exclusivity.

When it comes to high fashion, few designers carry as much cachet as Rick Owens. His avant-garde, goth-inspired aesthetic stands out from the crowd – as do the eye-popping price tags attached to his clothing and accessories. But why exactly is Rick Owens so expensive? Well, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Top 10 Reasons Why is Rick Owens So Expensive

1. Best Price

So in the world of luxury fashion, buyers get what they pay for with Rick Owens’ exquisite garments. For those who appreciate avant-garde design and ethically produced clothing, the extraordinary costs balance out. Pay more, buy less, buy better. That’s the Rick Owens way.

2. Quality Materials

Rick Owens uses exceptionally high-quality materials like leather, wool, and cotton in his designs. We’re talking full-grain, buttery soft leathers and dense, ultra-fine merino wools.

These superior materials drive up production costs – which drives up retail prices too. But the materials also hold up better over time. In the long run, investing in a Rick Owens piece tends to pay off through years of durable wear.

3. Made in Italy

Like many high-end fashion designers, Rick Owens produces his clothing in Italy. Italian craftsmanship is world-renowned in the fashion world. Skilled Italian artisans meticulously cut patterns and stitch pieces for that effortless drape the brand has become known for.

Made in Italy commands a premium – and consumers are often willing to pay more knowing their clothes were ethically produced by master tailors.

4. Avant-Garde Style

Rick Owens has honed an identifiable avant-garde style you can spot from across the room. His pieces have an otherworldly quality that pushes boundaries. Creating this level of originality doesn’t come cheap.

Extensive experimentation with silhouettes, fabrics, cuts, and more goes into achieving his unique aesthetic. But that ingenuity is precisely what makes the label stand out. For fashion-forward consumers, paying extra to achieve that Rick Owens look is worth the expense.

5. Limited Production Runs

Rick Owens produces his apparel and accessories in limited quantities. You won’t find mass-produced batches of the same top or pant flooding the market. Exclusivity allows the brand to command higher prices.

And customers tend to covet Rick Owens pieces more, knowing their items aren’t owned by every other fashionista. Limited edition means more cachet and more money.

6. Ethical Production

In recent years, Rick Owens has focused heavily on ethical production. The brand pays fair wages to skilled Italian workers and uses eco-friendly dyes and processing methods. While fast fashion brands exploit cheap overseas labor to churn out inexpensive clothing, Rick Owens does things the right way – even if it dings profit margins.

The attention to sustainable methods and worker welfare gets passed onto the customer. But for those passionate about ethical consumption, paying more translates into social responsibility.

7. Cutting-Edge Designs

Rick Owens dreams up designs unlike anything else out there. From platform sneakers to draped hoods and capes, his otherworldly creations defy convention. He and his team sketch hundreds of drawings and create numerous prototypes to achieve that vision.

The iterative design process allows them to push boundaries season after season. But avant-garde apparel requires significant investment in original design work – and all those conceptual costs contribute to higher retail pricing.

8. Minimalist Aesthetic

Rick Owens favors a black-heavy, minimalist aesthetic in muted tones and textures. This consistency across collections increases demand since virtually any Rick Owens item integrates seamlessly into an existing wardrobe.

That guarantee of a perfect fit drives higher price points. Consumers pay for versatility and mix-and-match ability across seasons.

9. Strategic Pricing

Outlandish pricing also helps reinforce Rick Owens’ premium status as a luxury brand. The costs seem exaggerated since most people balk at spending $1000 on a t-shirt. But then the Rick Owens name carries an elite cachet most high-end consumers want.

Charging astronomical prices increases perceived value and desirability through scarcity and exclusivity. At its core, luxury brands sell status – and status symbol purchasers willingly pay premium prices.

10. Couture-Level Quality

Rick Owens offers couture-level quality readymade apparel without the astronomical bespoke pricing. Much like a custom couture creation, his clothing fits impeccably. Meticulous attention to detail goes into perfecting the drape of fabric or the stretch of leather along the body.

No detail goes overlooked. Customers are willing to pay higher retail costs knowing pieces achieve custom fit and finish. Pieces feel specially crafted for the individual’s form.


Is Rick Owens a good brand?

Yes, Rick Owens is considered one of the premier avant-garde high fashion brands, acclaimed for its groundbreaking silhouettes, sublime tailoring and craftsmanship, and cutting-edge aesthetic.

Are Rick Owens clothes good?

Rick Owens clothes are exquisitely made with fine materials like leather and cashmere, honed for perfect drape and fit. They deliver standout style and incredible quality.

Are Rick Owens worth the price?

For those who appreciate Rick Owens’ progressive creative vision, ethical production, and couture-level quality clothing with head-turning style, his designs are absolutely worth the splurge.

Where to buy Rick Owens?

Rick Owens is stocked at high-end retailers like Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Barney’s. Rick Owens boutiques also carry full collections for a luxurious brand shopping experience.

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