Why is Tory Burch So Expensive? 10 REASONS WHY

Tory Burch is an aspirational luxury brand that uses premium materials, limited production runs, innovative designs, celebrity marketing, and careful distribution control to maintain an elite reputation that supports high pricing. The brand makes significant upfront investments in original product design and development while maximizing profit margins, translating to luxury price tags customers willingly pay to enjoy Tory Burch’s signature style and status. In essence, Tory Burch customers get exceptional craftsmanship and enduring luxury products that reflect the premium prices charged.

Tory Burch is an aspirational luxury brand that has built up a strong reputation since its founding in 2004. Even in the midst of an economic downturn, the brand has thrived by offering items that consumers covet for the status they convey. And with prestigious department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom providing prime retail locations for Tory Burch boutiques, the brand retains an elite positioning that supports its premium pricing.

Top 10 Reasons Why Tory Burch Is So Expensive

1. Signature T Logo Prints and Embellishments

Those distinctive double T logos embroidered onto handbags or printed onto flats and sandals don’t come without significant costs. Custom signature prints and embellishments are far more expensive to produce than plain leather items without detailed branding.

2. High Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Tory Burch spares no expense when it comes to materials used. Items feature supple Italian leather, lush suede and high-end fabrics like French canvas. And with most products manufactured in Europe, quality craftsmanship also fetches higher prices.

3. Limited Production Runs

As an upmarket brand catering to more elite clients, Tory Burch keeps inventory lean. Limited production runs allow the brand to elevate its exclusivity factor, which helps justify and sustain lofty price points for return customers seeking the latest releases.

4. Innovative and On-Trend Designs

Tory Burch doesn’t just churn out the same designs season after season. The brand stays ahead of trends with original takes on new styles each collection. From of-the-moment shoes to statement-making handbags, the innovation behind these on-trend products gets reflected in the pricing.

5. Celebrity Cache and Brand Ambassadors

When A-listers like Jessica Alba, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift sport Tory Burch publicly, it solidifies the brand’s high-end reputation. And official brand representatives ranging from actresses to street style stars provide plenty of marketing ammunition to inspire higher price tags.

6. Charitable Contributions and Initiatives

Philanthropy has been part of Tory Burch’s ethos from the start. From the Tory Burch Foundation providing loans to women entrepreneurs to the Embrace Ambition initiative aimed at shattering double standards for women, these meaningful yet likely costly efforts allow the brand to make a difference while also subtly justifying higher profits.

7. Brick-and-Mortar Boutiques

Maintaining those perfectly curated Tory Burch boutiques located in some of the world’s most prestigious shopping areas like Rodeo Drive and 5th Avenue in NYC doesn’t come cheap. Lavish build-outs and prime retail space rent command premium pricing passed onto customers.

8. Protecting Brand Positioning and Reputation

Diluting its brand by engaging in markdowns or overexpansion is clearly not part of Tory Burch’s playbook. Strict distribution control helps prevent overexposure and oversaturation which could chip away at prestige. Maintaining that elite brand image takes discipline – as well as lofty price points.

9. Celebrity Marketing and Endorsements

Getting A-list celebrities to don Tory Burch designs at red carpet events and fashion shows provides the brand publicity money can’t buy. And the multi-channel advertising featuring stars builds brand awareness and desire vital to sustaining luxury price levels.

10. Operating Costs and Profit Margins

From original designs to quality materials to skilled craftsmanship, developing Tory Burch products requires major investments upfront. And like any luxury brand, margins need to be sufficiently wide after operating costs to maintain profits as a sustainable global fashion house.


Is Tory Burch a good brand?

Yes, Tory Burch is considered a very good brand – it’s a popular accessible luxury label known for classic American sportswear with signature detailing and high quality.

Are Tory Burch goods good?

Tory Burch products feature fine materials like leather and suede along with precise craftsmanship, so their shoes, bags, clothing and accessories are regarded as well-made and long lasting.

Are Tory Burch worth the price?

For many fans of the preppy-chic Tory Burch aesthetic, the luxury materials and brand cachet make splurging on their bags, shoes and more worthwhile investments.

Where to buy Tory Burch?

Tory Burch goods can be purchased online through the brand’s website as well as at Tory Burch boutiques located within major high-end shopping destinations globally.

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